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All eyes on Elon

Today, starting at 5:30 PM Eastern Time (2:30 PM Pacific Time), the eyes of Tesla investors, lovers, and haters will all be focused on the electric automaker/energy storage/solar energy production company as it holds its annual shareholder meeting at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California.

As usual, things will kick off with some official business, but unlike in past years when voting centered on simple issues like whether or not to drop the use of leather in its interiors, this time around various board memberships are being challenged —even CEO Elon Musk’s chairmanship of the board is on the ballot. Though we would be somewhat surprised if any of the proposals not favored by Musk are adopted, there is still some amount of uncertainty surrounding how some of the major institutional stockholders will vote.

What we do expect, after the official business is conducted, is to see a presentation by Musk outlining the course ahead for the company’s various efforts and products. Following that, a question and answer session will take place, with queries from both the live audience of stockholders as well as some gleaned over Twitter by the company over the past few day. This writer himself asked, “Since Tesla has learned so much since the launch of the Model S, and a ground-up re-do would raise the bar for customer experience and allow for improved manufacturability and increased margins, where does it fit in your target timeline, if at all?

With hundreds of competing questions, we aren’t confident ours will be answered, but we’ll be watching and taking notes about those that are. If you want to tune in yourself, just follow this link to the Tesla Shareholders Meeting live stream.

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Good question, Domenick. Model 3 makes me scared about what could become of Model S “2.0”, and trim surface changes don’t do a lot to generate loyalty.

not to be obnoxious but 5:30 am? pm? if we were using a 24-hour clock am would be the only possibility.. this apparently is a newly realized peeve.

The web site says 2:30 pm pacific time.

I’m only half American, though.

Seriously, though, it’s happening in California at 2:30, so I kind of assumed people would think PM, rather than in the middle of the night.

So in a more standard form 17.30 UTC-4?

This is a use of the word “standard” with which I am not familiar. 😉 I’d say, rather, “more obscure and geeky”.

UTC – “The world’s time standard” –
All that, and it’s Geeky too!

I hope investors don’t try rain in Elon. Look what happened to Apple when they hired a President from Pepsi to lead Apple. They ended up firing Steve Jobs and running the company to the ground if it wasn’t for Steve Jobs coming back there wouldn’t be an Apple today. Don’t let that happen to Tesla.

Most analysts say that Musk plus his family and close friends/associates hold the majority of voting stock, so measures to oust Musk and those other board members are very unlikely to pass. But some analysts believe that if there is a lot of support for those measures from Tesla stockholders who are not insiders, the Board might respond with some sort of shake-up to allay investor fears. So in that respect, the votes on those questions may be important altho very unlikely to succeed.

Steve Jobs hired the president from Pepsi… Lets not forget that… Apple had financial problems because they did not have good ideas, and missed what the market wanted.

When Steve Jobs came back iPod was already in development and near release. iPod is what turned the corner for Apple leading to financial greatness… Not taking anything away from Steve Jobs, but those are the facts.

“When Steve Jobs came back iPod was already in development and near release.”

Completely incorrect. Jobs returned to Apple in early 1997, four years before they started work on the iPod.

Thats correct, but I read in Jobs book, that when he came back iPod was near complete, and he did not have much to say about the first product iPod was shown in 2000 and went on sale in 2001 Maybe you don’t understand the standard turn around for mass produced products??

Removing Elon from the board is not gonna happen… for live updates

I think Elon is losing it? he looks like a breakdown could be coming anytime… Overcome with emotion…

Hmm, no, not Elon. Possibly you’re thinking of yourself and all the money you’ve lost on short-selling TSLA stock? 😛

Pu Pu… I do not buy Tesla stock, long or short… Elon started this meeting looking very down, and emotionally drained. He needs to pick himself up, they are just approaching the hardest part of the initial ramp of model 3.. When they start introducing new configurations, and volume increases, stressing all the logistics.

“Elon started this meeting looking very down, and emotionally drained.”

He often does in a public meeting. I’m surprised there’s not a “Musk gets emotional and almost cries” space on the tongue-in-cheek Bingo Card picture I linked to!

But of course you serial Tesla bashers make a habit of trying to portray what’s perfectly expected as if it’s bad or strange just because Tesla or Elon does it. What trolls.

Stating an observation is not bashing…

Somebody made up a “Tesla Shareholder Meeting” Bingo card:

Edit: URL for picture will not display. (???) Breaking it apart: https:// media/ De7_yUTXcAE0IBo.jpg


Entered the code to make it show. Thanks!

Hmmm, looks like the picture was removed. 🙁

The picture is showing on my end ever since I added the code. Hmmm

Thanks for your help, Steven!

Guess it’s just my out-of-date Windows XP and/or my browser, FireFox ESR 52.8.0 (32-bit), then. I now see a large blank space in the parent post above. What’s odd is that at the Twitter website where I originally saw the image, it now doesn’t appear in my browser. Strange.

I hope someone puts together a “High points and low points” article or video.

Here’s one low point reported on Twitter:

Jasper Gilley

PETA asking the really relevant questions at the $TSLA shareholder meeting — eliminating leather from car design will be the biggest thing Tesla has yet done to to save the environment!!!

* * * * *

Ian Thibodeau

OK, this Tesla shareholder meeting just out-California-ed itself. PETA asks about leather components…Tesla exec says the company provides a “full vegan” car, when a customer needs that.

Impossible that they can provide a car which doesn’t contain any components which were made with the help of animal products. Britain can’t even provide money that doesn’t contain animal products. There are so many industrial processes that use bovine grease.

Announcements I heard in the presentation, Model 3 still has not exceeded 500 per day, but should soon… Expected to level off at 5K per week, ramping from there next year. Semi is going to get a new design, and pushed back to 2020 (Is this due to the lawsuit with Nikola?), China factory announcement coming soon… Europe factory announcement at the end of the year. Autopilot improvements coming soon, Full Self Driving not going well (Elon stated complicated driving system is progressing very slow). Basically no great news overall… Elon looks like he has been very stressed, and fighting for survival.

“Semi is going to get a new design, and pushed back to 2020”

Yeah, but that’s 2019 on “Elon time”. 😉

“(Is this due to the lawsuit with Nikola?)”

Please tell me you’re kidding. 🙄 Nikola isn’t a serious company, and a patent troll lawsuit isn’t going to slow Tesla at all.

“China factory announcement coming soon…”

That’s odd, one of the non-IEVs articles published before the meeting claimed that Tesla would announce a factory near Shanghai at the meeting. Just a rumor reported as fact, then? 🙁

“(Elon stated complicated driving system is progressing very slow)”

That seemed pretty obvious. No announced improvements in the Autopilot suite, other than tweaks to already existing features, for several months now… maybe a year or so? As I’ve been saying, Tesla is going to have to put lidar into the sensor system or else a high-resolution radar array. Tesla isn’t going to significantly advance toward full Level 3 autonomy, let alone Level 4/5, until it does. Of course, that’s just my prediction, not a fact.

“Basically no great news overall…”

I call a Tesla Model 3 production rate of 3500 per week great news!

Go Tesla!

I like you Ben , But, Shut up when Elon is talking….

Ben is too smug for me. Like like he smells his own farts

Ben is an idiot… He drives me nuts, because he talks like he understands data…

If Elon goes Tesla will make hybrids and gas guzzlers BELIEVE ME CONNECT THE DOTS ON CLEAN AIR ELON MUST STAY

This was the first time that Elon Musk said that Tesla will make a compact car.

Five years from now. So, that will be in 2023. Mass production in 2024?

There will be about 10 or 12 Gigafactories!!!

More details about the Gigafactory in Shanghai will be announced in July.


$100/kWh at the pack-level will be reached in 6-8 years from now.

A city compact makes a lot of sense, a leaf or golf type model. City cars or 2nd cars can be sold with smaller battery option to reduce costs.

Apparently well received by investors.