General Motors Has Grand Electric Car Plans For China

JAN 9 2019 BY GASGOO 69

Electric cars are hot in China and GM intends to satisfy the thirst.

General Motors plans to introduce a record of more than 20 new and refreshed models in China in 2019 to maintain its growth momentum in the world’s largest vehicle market and tap emerging opportunities in new energy vehicles (NEVs).

About half the models being introduced this year will be new nameplates for GM’s China portfolio, developed by leveraging GM’s global expertise and vehicle design and engineering resources.

“China’s vehicle market has entered a new era of high-quality development, in which product and service excellence will be the key to sustained growth,” said Matt Tsien, GM executive vice president and president of GM China. “GM will continue to optimize our product mix, backed by our industry-leading technologies and adjacent services, and explore more opportunities in electrification and autonomous driving.”

China has been GM’s largest retail sales market since 2012. Besides speeding up product launches and the upgrade of its brands to meet diverse demand nationwide, GM is exploring the introduction of new technology such as Super Cruise and vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communications in line with its vision of zero crashes, zero emissions and zero congestion. GM also continues to expand its presence in China, opening the new campus of the Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center (PATAC), launching the SAIC-GM Battery Assembly Plant and creating a new joint venture with SAIC in financial leasing services in 2018.

GM expects to exceed its five-year plan to launch 60 new or refreshed products between 2016 and 2020, including 10 NEVs. From 2021 through 2023, the company will maintain momentum by doubling its number of NEVs available in the domestic market. At the end of last year, GM’s NEV customers in China reached 200 million electric kilometers (124 million electric miles) driven, signaling increasing consumer acceptance of electric vehicles.

GM delivered more than 3.64 million vehicles in China in 2018, in the midst of a softening vehicle market.

Cadillac sales surpassed 200,000 units for the first time in China. Deliveries rose 17.2 percent year on year and outpaced the robust luxury vehicle segment, thanks to the successful launch and fast acceptance of the all-new XT4 luxury SUV, and refreshed XTS luxury sedan and CT6 flagship sedan. The luxury brand has steadily increased its percentage of GM’s sales in China over the past several years. Cadillac will continue to build upon its momentum in China’s luxury vehicle segment by following the brand’s global commitment to introduce one new model every six months through 2020.

Chevrolet’s 2018 deliveries totaled 523,395 units. The brand capitalized on a product changeover that began in 2017, leading to volume growth at the higher end of its portfolio. Sales of the Equinox global SUV jumped more than 50 percent and deliveries of the Malibu XL flagship sedan increased 25 percent from a year earlier.

Buick sold more than 1 million vehicles for a third year in its largest market, as it took the lead in carrying out a technology changeover that is making its propulsion systems more efficient. The Excelle GT sedan remained Buick’s most popular model, and the GL8 and GL6 helped the brand sustain its leadership in China’s MPV segment. Last year also marked a milestone for Buick in China, as sales surpassed 10 million units since the brand’s domestic launch in 1998.

Baojun had sales of 839,612 units. The brand’s best-seller, the 510, strengthened its leadership in the SUV segment. It was joined last year by the 530 compact SUV.

Wuling deliveries totaled more than 1 million units for another year. It maintained its dominant position in the contracting mini-commercial vehicle segment and continued to expand its foothold in passenger vehicles.

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As China regulates toward EVs, and GM shapes the US market toward trucks, makes me wonder if consumers are winning?

GM makes what people are buying. Take a look at Toyota, Honda, GM and Ford and across the board people are buying CUV/SUV while car sales are declining. Part of it is the low gas prices in the US. But the other part is CUV’s get pretty good mileage since they are just jacked up car plateforms.

It’s hard to buy what is not sold…

You know making things people aren’t buying is a quick way to go out of business.

No, it is not. Just make sure that no alternatives are available, or you price lower or you push advertisement.
Claiming that capitalism is all about what consumers buy is a joke.

Lower price and spends more on ads so they can lose more money on the car.

That is exactly what GM did pre-2008 and crank out metals just to keep factory running.

We all knew what happened when market suddenly contracts nearly 40%.

pre-2008, GM and Ford focused mostly on Trucks/SUVs.
That is what did in those companies.

Then why aren’t people buying sedans? Camry and Accord both suffered huge sales drop.

Even Model S sales are down YOY.

Model 3 is only up because pent up demand and there is no Model Y either.

The fact that it’s the best car ever made, has nothing whatsoever to do with it.
Cars a wildly popular elsewhere.

Best car ever made? Model S isn’t? Model S sales are down YOY.

YOu think that 1500 is a drop? ROFL.
MS sales are down because Tesla focused on M3, and M3 is a DIRECT competitor to MS.
Sedan sales are NOT DOWN.
ICE Sedan sales are down. EV Sedan sales are WAY UP.

You are entitled to your opinion, but not facts.

-1500 is a drop by any math definition.

So, facts are Model S dropped. Your opinion is that It is impacted by Model 3 sales.

Again, you are spinning the facts with your crappy opinion.

Sedan sales as a whole went down. yes, one can find a single model that goes up, but the entire market is down.

Now, we can dissect the market further, Model S sales are impacted by Model 3, but yet Model X sales went up. Those are facts, not opinions.

No, the entire market is NOT down. Tesla is BOOMING in spite of troll’s opinions like you.
In fact, Tesla’s sedans continues to sell GREAT. MS went down 1500 over a year when they were focused on M3.

Again, ICE Sedan sales went down while Tesla Sedan’s BOOMED.
And M3 does not compete against MX. M3 DOES compete against MS.
That is FACT. Ask anybody who works in Tesla showroom about that.
Tesla KNEW that M3 would eat into MS sales, and 1500 is nothing.

BTW, when MY comes out, it will eat into MX, and M3 sales, but not MS.
Why? Because in spite of your ill formed opinion, a lower luxury CUV does not compete with a higher-end luxury Sedan.

I always think it is funny when ppl claim that a company makes what ppl are buying. That is a TOTAL BS. What is sold will depend on many issues, but the issue of what ppl are buying ranks fairly low.

wb: It’s exactly what the corporations say. When people say this I automatically suspect them of being corporate stooges, or at least they’ve been propagandized to buy the company line.

So how is it that when the Japanese invasion came many American car executives said people won’t buy those, there is no demand. Exactly the same thing. Need people be reminded that even though the Model 3 is not in the form that is supposedly the most popular, clearly it’s the apple of people’s eye.

good posting. You are spot on.
So many ppl do not pay attention to history, let alone simple marketing/economic classes back in college.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

All Ford and GM are doing is to stop selling the sedans they were struggling to sell anyway.

It sounds like they gave up on competing with higher quality Sedans from Hyundai, Toyota and gang. Trucks are protected by a 25 percent tariff, sedans are more competitive. So not surprising that GM retreated there along with Ford, last stand?

lets hope that it is the last stand.
They will need bailing out (again). Ideally, bail them out AFTER we break them up into 5 small companies. each.

And they don’t have to follow more stringent pollution standards set for lighter vehicles. That’s why emission levels are up in U.S. More people are buying larger, protected by tariffs, more polluting vehicles
You can also jack the price of a truck up much easier with various packages, more so than sedans.

Actually, this is false.
First, emissions from gas vehicles (the vast majority of passenger vehicles) is DOWN, not up.
So is emission from rail.
Secondly, diesel from Trucks and Jets are up. Why? Because the economy is booming.
Third, the other main source of emissions is coming from Nat gas power plants.
I have been saying all over these sites and others, that if we replace coal with new coal/nat gas, as long as they are similar size, then not a problem. THe issue is when the new plants are MUCH BIGGER than the ones they replace. Coal has been shut down, but the new nat gas facility are MUCH LARGER. Now, they are running these, because AE was not enough.

What others are missing is that China has the exact same problem, only bigger. Our emissions went up 3.4%. China’s will go up 4.7-7%. Why? Because they will burn a lot more coal to get their power.

True. BUT it is not the fact that it is sedans are not selling. It is the fact that GM does not want to sell ICE sedans (lower price, more ads would move them), but that so far, they do not want to sell EV sedans.

Again, your BS opinions again.

Toyota and Honda’s brand new redesigned sales are down more than double digits. Lowering price just means less or no profits on an already highly competitive and low profit market that is shrinking overall.

Only an idiot would pursuit a fast shrinking and low profit market segment.

That is how GM got into troubles last time by continuing to discount cars and crank out models that don’t sell or don’t make profits. That is the whole reason that GM is existing the European market.

ah, back to post more of your ill uninformed opinions, eh???? Again, Tesla proves that Sedans are BOOMING. What is NOT selling is JUNK POS ICE SEDANS. You can continue to come here and troll, but you continue to ignore FACTS. The fact is, that before 2007, Gm, Ford, and Chrysler had focused on ….. wait for it…. TRUCKS AND SUVs. DO you really have that short of a memory? I have had a memory issue for the last 10 years and yet, I recall perfectly before 2008 and that was the fact that these companies needed our money to make small CUVs and sedans (and EVs by their claim). The Volt was ORIGINALLY supposed to be EV. Then after the bailout, GM’s executives forced it to be a hybid that used engine AND transmission units. WHy? Because they wanted MORE PROFITS. Here, since you refuse to google and instead just give a BS opinion: Look at the biggest issue that GM had: 1. Demand Shift and Uncertain Energy Policy Cole says that “The first shot was the dramatic rise in energy prices this past summer. That caused a rapid mix shift in vehicles–and had a major impact on… Read more »
Do Not Read Between The Lines

You’re correct that they don’t want to, but that’s because it’s a weak area in a weakening segment.
Customers are giving them extra money moving to equivalent CUV offerings, and it’s across the whole market.

Right. PROFITS. This is the SAME PROBLEM prior to 2008 that got them into trouble. So many have forgotten that GM/Ford/Chrysler were big on Trucks/SUVs in 2000-2007. The bail-out was to move them to smaller cars, which included X-over, CUV, and…… wait for it…. SEDANS.

GM/Ford/Chrysler are backing themselves into corners again. They are choosing to build junk.

so GM will be the next Apple to be burned by chinese market. To bet on China isn’t wise. I want to see american government to bail out a chinese company. GM should focus more on democracies markets, north and south americas, Europe, Japan, Korea, India, Pacific&Asia except China, Russia. The management of this company is so stupid that bankrupcy is at horizon again… big investments in autonomous drive in super expensive Sillycon Valley, plus investments in China… but it closes the production of Volts instead of increase it and export, the same about Bolt, whose production is low because GM is unable to start the production of batteries in USA instead of importing in low volumes from Asia.. Come on, it’s quite evident that silly Mary Barra and the whole board is paid by China’s government to make it GM a chinese industry whose purpose is to produce in China and export back to USA… so delinquent!!!!!

Wow you said a mouthful there. GM does sale well in Central/South America and Korea (Bolt EV was designed by GM South Korea). Japan would be a waste of time, Europe is a mess they just got out of and Russia would just be a huge capital spend with questionable returns. You can argue the Volt died because of Tesla’s success in EV’s. The Volt design just doesn’t make a lot of sense for smaller vehicles when for the same price as the Volt you can make a 100% EV that performs better at the same price. The question is do you make a CUV/SUV based on Volt technology? With such low gas prices and the increased cost of two drivetrains one has I think the answer would be no. You’re better off just making a 100% EV CUV/SUV to satisfy the market. As far as where the Bolt batteries are made I don’t think it matters a lot. Also GM probably doesn’t have a lot of say so where LG Chem decides to distribute from. You have shipping time to deal with, but it’s cheaper to make them in South Korea versus in the US. I’m sure the contract… Read more »

they could also sell well in Australia. They just choose to move that production to China.
Also,it is not cheaper to make cells overseas and then ship them here. It is actually far cheaper to manufacture here, as long as you are heavily automated.

And you pay enough graft to local officials, contractors. still with cheap labor you can do well, even with all the palms you have to grease. Of course say goodbye to any intellectual property you have, but then GM does have that much in the form of intellectual property..

GM is effectively existing all RHD markets.

Chinese buys 50% more cars than American did as far as GM’s sales are concerned. GM is a corporation that is required to make profits. So, it goes where the profit and sales are. It closed European market operation because it doesn’t make money there.

GM is still investing in China and US, because those are the two largest market. In the US, it is concentrating on car sharing and self driving which will come to dominate in the US.

It closes Volt production, because Americans don’t buy the car. GM had a goal of 45K/year back in 2011 combined with heavy advertisement. Guess what? American went on a hating campaign against the Volt and GM NEVER sold more than 30K per year.

American likes to talk but don’t back up their talking with actions.

‘Chinese buys 50% more cars than American did as far as GM’s sales are concerned.’ This is as worthless as when ppl compared EVs being bought in China vs America. Different market sizes. Which is a nonsensical figure. The question becomes, what can GM sell in China vs. selling in America. However, we see that GM sold 4 million in CHina and 3M in America in 2017. More importantly, China will likely buy FEWER cars this year, than America. There is a strong anti-American going from the Chinese gov telling Chinese to NOT buy Americans goods. And America did not go on a hating spree against the Volt. It was POS. Hybrids and short range Evs do NOT SELL. Sadly, too many fools run around blaming everybody else, EXCEPT for those causing the issues. GM is doing a poor job. China is in a cold war with the west and trying to crush us. Some Americans back CHina on it but ignore the fact that CHina’s coal plants grow, they block products from the west, unless they can steal the technology, etc. etc. The very fact that Tesla is outselling EVERYBODY in America (they are the ONLY company with… Read more »

“we see that GM sold 4 million in CHina and 3M in America in 2017”

And figures for 2018 shows nearly 3.8M in China and only 2.3M in USA. Facts speak for itself.

“And America did not go on a hating spree against the Volt. It was POS. Hybrids and short range Evs do NOT SELL.”

So, all those fox news attack and political driven campaign was all forgotten? Oh, I got it, you are one of those people who think the 2011 Winner of Motor Trend car of the year didn’t deserve anything when the ONLY PEV available at the time was Nissan LEAF with 80 miles of range and IMIEV which is a glorified golf cart.

And Do you feel the same hate for GM now that Tesla is building the Gigfactory 3 in China? Don’t think so.

Either way, I don’t want to turn this into a political argument. But based on all your past posts, it seems that anytime there is anything relate to China, you got all worked up and becoming a ranting maniac.

Not that I do not trust you, but you constantly make things up. So, Link for 2018 garbage that you posted. I do not watch Fox (or MSNBC, etc). Too much garbage. Motor trend does not mean SQUAT. They simply back large makers to get their next year funding. hybrids are a joke, esp when they are complex as all get out, which VOLT was done. It was ORIGINALLY, supposed to be an EV, but the executives forced it to be a parallel hybrid so that motors/transmissions were required. My mothers side helped start a number of these car companies and worked them from early 1900 until 2000. My grandfather and great grandfathers, and great great grandfathers were engineers working at Ford, Chevy, Chrysler, and AMC. Other relatives worked the line at Saturn. I do not HATE GM, but can see that GM, Ford, and Chrysler are all ran by idiots. They go to China and then turn over their technology and patents while ignoring what was happening to GE. Tesla going to China is a mistake. However, I notice that Tesla is brighter than the ppl in the other companies. For starters, they refused to go with the conditions… Read more »

Windbourne – since GM may only have minority ‘partnership’ in China (I assume 49%) – what is the overall profit from one extra sale in China as compared with one extra sale in the states, where the car is ‘all GM’?

As far as China imports are concerned I was surprised that even the ICE CT6 has 1/3 rd parts content from China. I bet that cancels a few sales here.

So what happens in a few years from now when China Inc has extracted from GM all the EV manufacturing IP China needs for China Inc to alone have ability to sustain high volume EV production sans a GM/China-Inc JV?

Same question for the several other JVs entered into by the traditional car makers with China Inc… all these EV JVs seem to be designed to short term (3-5 years) benefit both parties but longer term only benefit one party of the agreement.

“China has the stated goal of becoming the superpower of the 21st Century and intellectual property theft is one of their tools to achieve this goal…

“A core component of China’s successful growth strategy is acquiring science and technology. It does this in part by legal means—imports, foreign domestic investment, licensing, and joint ventures—but also by means that are illegal….

“National industrial policy goals in China encourage IP theft, and an extraordinary number of Chinese in business and government entities are engaged in this practice…” : source:

“”The Chinese government has launched “Made in China 2025”, a state-led industrial policy that seeks to make China dominant in global high-tech manufacturing. The program aims to use government subsidies, mobilize state-owned enterprises, and pursue intellectual property acquisition to catch up with—and then surpass—Western technological prowess in advanced industries…

“Chief among these are *electric cars* and other new energy vehicles, “ source:

You know the answer. Who cares?? This is American capitalism. It’s not about the good of the company and certainly not about the good of the home country. It’s about as big of short term profits as possible. If it doesn’t work out, oh well. Mary can either retire with her huge golden parachute, or move on and toss some other company to the Chinese.

It’s not just GM and not just American companies though. Every car company in the world is tripping over each other to get a piece of the China action and giving the Chinese government and the Chinese military EXACTY what they need and want. The Chinese will definitely rule the 21st century by the end of it. Too bad for them it will largely be a swampy garbage dump and barely inhabitable by then.

@Dav8or said: “…The Chinese will definitely rule the 21st century by the end of it…”

China is certainly making good progress on its stated mission of global industrial domination by China in the key industrial sectors they have targeted but the long term challenge for China Inc to fully realize that goal is that China’s industrial growth has been highly dependent on copying the innovations born from the creative free minds of its competitors while at the same time China highly confines the exercise of creative free thought of its own citizens.

Is that sustainable?

“…How can China become a tech [industrial] leader if it’s intolerant of free thought?” -source:

“General Motors plans to introduce a record of more than 20 new and refreshed models in China in 2019”

And zero in the US?

Oh no, these same cars will likely be exported over here as well. We basically get China’s table scraps from now on.

I will be curious to see if that is what GM is going to do? I suspect that you are correct. If so, I think that GM will fail here in a HUGE way.

Why? GM and others are already importing Chinese made cars and nobody gives a damn. People are so used to “Made in China” that it’s not even a thing anymore, if it ever was. I bet Tesla does the same thing once they get their factory up and running for awhile over their. It wouldn’t surprise me one iota if the base, SR TM3 is actually going to be imported from China.

You need to look again.
GM has quietly imported Buick Envision, Cadillac CT6 PLUG‑IN and Volvo is doing S90.
have you seen the sales of these?
The Envisions was expected to be over 100K. It sold 14, 40,and 30K over the last 3 years. So, Buick is talking redesign, or shifting production to either America or Mexico.
Cadi CT6? Sells less than 10K units / year.
Volvo S90 from China is only exported to North America.

I think that it is fair to say that sales are not that hot for Chinese exports to America.

I will say that the S90L DOES look nice.

And considering that the BASE M3 that is being built in China, will be of inferior quality/design, Tesla has said that they will never export from China.

China has a huge incentives packages for EVs, US doesn’t. GM is losing US incentives. In the US, buyers love gas guzzlers, so GM is tailoring its offering to fit the local taste and local government policy.

It really has little to do with EV subsidies. It is the fact that our Gas/diesel prices are so low that it is cheap to own a large vehicle and drive it around. If ppl knew that the price was going to go up .50-1.00, then ppl would stop buying these vehicles.

So, you are now saying that people don’t buy them because gas is so slow??!?!?!?! Lack of demand!!??

Geez, can’t even back your own argument up…

Should not put false words into ppl’s mouths with your rabid rants.
Im saying that we would be better SKIPPING subsidies since it is money wasted.
Far better would be to raise gas/diesel prices up to what they SHOULD be, and that would stop ppl from buying ICE.

Look at what caused the 2007 auto crash. It was gas hitting $4.00 / gal and car makers only producing large low milage trucks/suvs, just like they are headed towards now.

Catch up on what happened and what is happening.

Now that 1 billion Chinese people will be buying cars (many for the first time), it’s important that they adopt EVs rather than ICEs. Climate change mitigation depends on it.

At the same time, we need to get CHina to QUIT BUILDING NEW COAL PLANTS and instead build new AE/Nuclear power plants.

Maybe GM can get their next bailout from the Chinese government then. They deliver the future to China while they purposefully keep the US in the past. Screw them.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Boy oh boy, good thing the Taxpayers bailed them out………ROTFLMAO

The government invested $50 billion in GM, got $40 billion back when they sold, and preserved $35 billion in tax revenue. So it looks like the government came out ahead by $25 billion. And that’s disregarding the benefits such as people having jobs and being able to provide for their families, etc.

No, we LOST a lot of money on GM.

That is why Trump told GM that if they screw over America, they have to pay us 11B first.

We lost money on GM because WE decided to sell GM stocks early. The bailout converted to GM stocks and we decided to bail which resulted in the loss. It was TARP program that decided on when and how much to sell in the form of GM stocks.

The bailout was part of the TARP program. TARP program as a whole made money for us payers. TARP program bailout banks and other companies. It lost money on auto but made up by the banks. It is like investing with mutual funds, some stocks are up and some are down, but overall are up.

But don’t let those facts hit you on the face. Your poor understanding of the entire program makes sense on why you spew so much misinformation here.

windbourne, you didn’t read my post carefully enough.

He doesn’t read the entire post. You clearly explained the bailout made back the profit but also generated more revenue which more than paid for the “loss”.

again, the bailout is part of the TARP. TARP MADE PROFITS for the US taxpayers overall. So, nothing to complain.

It is like an investment fund from the tax payers for the economy, not every single investment would make profit, but the entire investment made Billions in profit!

which is why I showed REAL LINKS WITH REAL NUMBERS.
We lost money on them.

I read your post. BUT, all of the accountants continue to claim otherwise.

“What U.S. taxpayers avoided, according to CAR, was the loss of about $105.3 billion in transfer payments plus the loss of personal and social insurance tax collections to the tune of 768% of the net investment of $11.8 billion in GM and $1.9 billion (none recovered) in Chrysler. Including jobs related to the auto industry, the federal bailout preserved 2.6 million jobs in the U.S. economy in 2009 alone and $284.4 billion in personal income in 2009 and 2010.”

Well, EVs are heavily subsidized in China, so…

So any claim to leadership GM had with the Volt program is lost, they don’t care to lead. They just do/go where they are forced. Great leadership.

what leadership is there? Despite the so called awards won and various publication acclaims, people still hate it because people don’t buy it ultimately.

Just look here on how much hate there are and how much misinformation there are.

The volt was supposed to be an EV. Instead, the GM leadership turned it into a disaster by pushing a hybrid.

China market for vehicles is going down, bigtime. I don’t really care much what GM is doing, or more like, what they say they are going to do, the VW of the U.S. in the sphere of announcements.
At least Ford knows how to keep their place as they do nothing and say very little, which is what GM should do too. Or say nothing and do more, but that’s a false hope on my part. Just think if you don’t announce something that you eventually don’t do, then people like me can’t come back and poke fun at you for not doing what you said you would.
Although ironically in some cases contrariwise you did what I said you would do, like kill the Volt, or layoff workers, and close factories.

“China market for vehicles is going down, bigtime.”

Still WAY bigger than the US market.

simple fact, China’s middle class in population is relatively small compared with overall population (~380 million vs. 1.4 Billion). But it is larger than the entire population of US.

It does not matter when the gov is determined to destroy your nation’s manufacturing base.