Audi Installs Used Lithium-Ion Batteries From PHEVs In Factory Vehicles

MAR 8 2019 BY MARK KANE 12

Second-life is excellent for the environment and for the economy.

Audi found a second-life application for lithium-ion batteries, previously used in Audi A3 e-tron and Audi Q7 e-tron plug-in hybrids. The used batteries, that for various reasons were drawn from cars, can replace lead acid batteries in factory EVs like fork-lift trucks and tow tractors.

The test project was launched in the main plant in Ingolstadt, but Audi thinks that it could save millions by using old batteries in all plants around the world.

Lithium-ion batteries can provide more power and range (even used ones) than lead acid, as well as charge quicker and without limitations.

Audi installs used lithium-ion batteries in factory vehicles
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Audi installs used lithium-ion batteries in factory vehicles Audi installs used lithium-ion batteries in factory vehicles Audi installs used lithium-ion batteries in factory vehicles Audi installs used lithium-ion batteries in factory vehicles

About the project:

“Like all automobile manufacturers, Audi is obliged by law to take back energy carriers after they have been used in cars. Because they still have a large proportion of their original charging capacity, an interdisciplinary project team is now investigating how batteries from Audi e-tron* test vehicles, for example, or from hybrid models such as the Audi A3 e-tron and Audi Q7 e-tron, can continue to be used sensibly. A number of other advantages have already become apparent during the test phase.”

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It’s a shame that they don’t seem to have any plans to re-use the lead-acid batteries that they are replacing. They could be used for stationary storage and actually make a difference to lowering CO2 emissions, rather than simply swapping batteries in already zero emission vehicles.

lead acid batteries are probably at the end of their usefull life and lead acid batteries are 98% recyclable

Lead acid batteries fail, like they stop having the capacity of being used.
Liion batteries don’t really fail (sometimes they do), they just lose capacity until they reach a level that is no longer reasonable for some applications.

Surprising there would be enough hybrid battery replacements to make this application worthwhile.

Past experience shows hybrid batteries last a very, very long time. And a hybrid could be driven until the battery is virtually dead. Few would buy a new battery if they could just keep driving, even in a degraded way.

I might be wrong, but I suspect that once the electric car ecosystem is fully up to speed, recycling will be the predominant route for old batteries.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

I agree, at least for now. With a rapid pace of improvement, and cost reduction, why build a storage system using 10-year old, degraded technology?
I guess at least with the factory vehicles, they can simply use the batteries, but as a general approach, that would have limited application.

Apparently when the firsts Prius where taken out of the road, the batteries where taken out to build UPS

Cars crash

The amount of batteries from crashed cars is way too low for anything but niche applications…

It might be from production test cars / Audi own fleet cars.

About upcycle and recycle of old batteries e.g. Renault has had a program for that since 2015.

Great feel good story.

Now let’s see some PHEV’s and BEV’S available fo4 purchase.

Audi has sold PHEVs since 2013.

I understand that, but not very many.