Audi E-Tron Spied Testing In Colorado


The road to reality runs through Colorado.

The all-electric crossover from Audi, the E-Tron, is decidedly on its way to showrooms. Sure, we had hoped to see it begin shipping in 2018 as had been promised when the concept was revealed at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, but with U.S. reservations kicking off this September, we suppose that’s close enough. And if reservation-taking wasn’t convincing enough about the reality of the program, here’s another: E-Tron mules have been spotted in Colorado Springs in, naturally, Colorado.

Images sent to InsideEVs by Doug B. place the development vehicle near Garden of the Gods, on the outskirts of “Olympic City.” While that particular rocky outcropping may be interesting to tourist, one of the mountains in the background of the images hold the key to the reason why the mules are in this vicinity. That mountain? Pikes Peak.

Yup, the very mountain that provided the setting for the most momentous breakthrough in electric vehicle performance, the crushing of the uncrushable Pikes Peak International Hillclimb record by Romain Dumas in the Volkswagen I.D. R., is also a popular testing location for various automakers. In fact, this writer happened across a bevy of camouflaged Mercedes crossovers being put through their development paces when he visited the hill a couple of years back.

Though it may have previously been selected for its tortuous terrain and internal-combustion-challenging elevation, the circuitous path to the top still provides a well-known benchmark for the new class of battery-powered vehicles beginning to trickle from whiteboards to production lines today. Sure, the Audi crew won’t be charging up its flanks like the racers that have been congregating here for most of the last century, but they will still be able to make a comparative analysis to previous vehicles that have mounted its parapet in the past.

So, when the camo comes off the new Audi E-Tron, likely at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show, just know that the road from the first reveal to that moment, and then the following journey to customer’s garages, ran through Colorado.

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Wow is that a good-looking SUV. The only facet that’s hard to discern is what’s going on between the belt line and the door sill – I hope nothing goofy as indicated in some other spy shots when it wasn’t wearing this orange/white livery. Otherwise, great proportions and roofline – I think it’s even better looking than the Maccan. Please let the production version look just like this.

When anyone exclaims an SUV is good looking, or attractive, I see it like someone effusively proclaiming that Oprah Winfrey us one amazing looking woman. 😀

No offense intended. To each their own and whatnot. Sure, some guys just naturally are attracted to someone with a bit more junk in the trunk. I mean, there are trucks with nicer lines than others and I get it.

It’s just that racing series built around SUVs or a dad spending tons of money on a Cayenne Turbo so he can get a ticket whilst burning rubber on the way to drop off Jr. at daycare seems a bit silly to me.

I said it was good-looking, not that non-SUVs aren’t. For an SUV, it’s good looking, just like the Maccan is a good-looking SUV. I also think Ferrari 348s are good-looking, as are Acura NSXs. I also like my 911 and 944.

On the positive side of the scale, at least when the e-Tron and Mercedes EQ arrive, the car publications will truly have equal participants with which to do shootout comparisons with the I-Pace.

Each a fairly pedestrian looking 2 row crossover SUV. Each high priced in the marketplace and touted by brand loyalists, nationalists and journalists alike, as a “Tesla Killer”. Even Audi itself, with it’s “Musk Have” billboard braggadocio, has chimed in with such nonsense..

Have any one of these manufacturer’s realized they only will be acquiring these brand fans and patriotic buyers and each of these very limited production pieces is no Tesla challenger at all?

Models 3, X and S are all in plainly different categories and Tesla builds them in numbers that can and will change the world. Let these dorky ICEmaker efforts impress whom they will, and compete amongst their rather expensive, exclusive and fairly impractical selves.

But Tesla doesn’t build an SUV, it builds a minivan (X). It looks like a minivan, it drives like a minivan, has minivan doors (that fold up so you can’t put anything on the roof, instead of sliding to the rear, so you can), and has minivan ground clearance (none) and proportions. The E-tron can actually go off-road (there’s video of it doing real rock-crawling); I don’t know about the MB, but the I-Pace is a CUV and probably can’t handle any real cross country driving.

“Their rather expensive, exclusive and impractical selves.” LOL – what does a fully loaded X go for these days?

In case you missed it a Jaguar I-Pace fording a river and going off-road ……. both activities that would void your Tesla Model X warranty.
Remember Jaguar is part of the Jaguar Land Rover group so Jaguar off-roaders are tested on the same off road tracks as Land Rovers.

BTW the official wade depth of a Jaguar I-pace is 500mm ……….. Official Tesla Model X wade depth 0mm.


Yes, you want to have Musk’s baby, we get it

And Electrek has the Audi promotion that was put together during the Colorado trip.