Watch On Camera As Tesla Model S Gets Stolen

OCT 22 2018 BY MARK KANE 19

It’s not right to steal it, but there is a way to do it right.

The percentage of stolen Tesla cars is not high and many of those are later returned to owners, however here we present an example showing that in some cases the car can be stolen quite easily, we’re it not for that pesky charge cable.

Two thieves stole the Tesla Model S in Epping, Essex, UK because the car was in the driveway with enable passive entry active and no PIN to drive setting. Thieves spotted the key fob signal at the back of the house, amplified it and entered the vehicle.

“This Model S was stolen in Epping, Essex. The key was at the back of the house, but PIN to drive was off and passive entry was enabled.”

By disabling remote access to the car, tracking by the owner or by the manufacturer was not possible either.

This whole occurrence is easily preventable though. Here’s how:

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Well peeps activate advanced security ASAP ‼️

Definitely activate pin. Is the pin entered on the phone, and can fingerprint be used on iPhone? Also, can the new key fob have built in finger print recognition to use the key/activate the car?

Noooooo! Thieves will cut off your finger!

Ease of use vs security … always a stumbling block in the tech world.

Hmm, I wonder where you stand with your insurer if you haven’t enabled PIN?

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Last I heard from a friend who’s Civic got stolen with the keys in the ignition as he heated the car on the driveway, insurance covered it because the thief crashed the car.

This car is getting repossed.


Also, everyone with a remote key fob, you can stop the signal being amplified by putting your car keys in a metal tin. It can be a simple as a foil takeaway container, an OXO cube tin, as long as the keys are inside an effective faraday cage the thieves will not be able to get the signal. AND……don’t forget the spare set either!

The car was being repossessed they have the tools from the lender

Incorrect once again !!

If you have to take the key fob out of the cage every time anyway, what’s the point of enabling passive entry at all?…

Fix the headline. This car is not being stolen his car is being repossessed and your miss leading people.

Repo agents do not dress like a common car thief.

Nice story though !!

I am getting a Faraday bag just in case (and no, I don’t have a Tesla because I can’t afford one).

This is a different world than the one I grew up in. I had a lock that secured my car brakes and my car never got stolen. I will confess, I am ignorant of the ways people steal cars today.

Key card looks better now, right?
If anyone wants to steal your car they will no matter what you or the manufactures do to protect it.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

My anti-theft device is a manual tranny.

Because no thief has ever driven a sporty car or a truck? Right.

Disable remove access should be online possible after entering a pin too.