Watch As Tesla Model S Door Becomes A Skateboard


Holy cow, this is unique. How about a Tesla Model S as a skateboard (and we’re not talking about the battery pack here)?

This guy wanted a Tesla. Well, it’s not perfectly clear if he wanted an actual Tesla Model S, Model X or Model 3, or wanted to skate a Tesla, but it seems he would be very happy with the latter. Yes … skate a Tesla. Um, what the heck right? Perhaps hardcore skateboarder and YouTuber Braille Skateboarding was just smart enough to realize that featuring the Silicon Valley automaker might be the make it or break it for their YT channel? Well … nope, that’s actually not the case, so let’s dive in deeper.

C’mon though, it’s no secret that the word “Tesla” and any coverage of the brand could result in massive gains right? However, let’s give take a closer look and give this guy some huge Kudos here, not only for his incredible talent, but also for his ongoing success. It’s important to note that this dude already has some three million subscribers and is widely popular in skateboarding segment. He clearly doesn’t need a boost from Elon Musk to make this known. But, there’s no discounting the fact that every little bit helps for sure.

Professional skateboarder Aaron Kyro has been at it for 11 years, since he was just 10 years old. He epitomizes the skateboard community in more ways than one. In fact, he was one of the first to put tips and tricks on YouTube to help skateboarders. He’s become known as the guy that can skate anything. Can he use a Tesla Model S door to show off his skills? Well, yes, Aaron can turn just about anything into a successful skateboard. Check out the video for the ultimate proof.

Video Description via Braille Skateboarding on YouTube:

I told the guys I wanted a Tesla, so they got me…a door?!? Wow, thanks guys. I wasn’t sure it would skate, but we managed to get some pretty awesome tricks in on it. What should we skate next?


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uhh, grip tape..??..

The End Is Near…..

For your shorter dreams.

No, i won’t watch it. This is the dumbest thing you guys ever put up, hands down.

This is only slightly less lame than when Tesla announced they would make surf boards

Not every desperate attempt to get attention with a Stupid Human Trick needs to actually receive attention, even if it involves a part off a Tesla car.