Watch A Porsche Speedster Get Electrified With A Tesla Battery


This is our kind of EV conversion.

The 1957 Porsche 356A Speedster ranks among the most desirable classic cars ever made. It’s great, then, to know that replicas of this road-going piece of art are still being manufactured today. Even better to learn it’s also a relatively easy vehicle to electrify. In the video above, EV West does just that, taking us into their garage and filming us through the entire process. Nicely produced, it is well worth the 24-minute investment.

The video starts with a bit of background on the EV conversion shop, but quickly dives into the Porsche conversion process. We learn that the car, from Vintage Speedsters, will soon be blessed with a newly available type of electric motor: a synchronous reluctance internal permanent magnet unit. According to EV West principal Michael Bream, this new technology delivers tons of torque and in this application, he expects to see 175 pound-feet at the rear wheel. Impressive!

Perhaps just as interesting, the battery will be constructed of Tesla Model S modules and weigh only 260 pounds. It will provide enough juice,  says, to give the car over 100 miles of range.

The video was put together as an initial episode in what could become a series under the EV Outpost banner. The premise here was to build the car against a hard deadline. In this case, they were trying to complete the project in time to participate in the Encinitas, California Christmas parade, along with a number of other vehicles EV West has produced.

We won’t spoil that ending for you, but we can say there is some great footage of the event, including the entrants from the company’s impressive garage. They don’t say what the eventual fate of this particular vehicle will be — we suspect it was built with a customer in mind. If you’re interested in your own electric vehicle conversion, be that a Speedster or any other classic, now is a good time to mention that EV West sells all the components you would need, aside from the donor vehicle, to build your own special creation. Enjoy!

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Absolutely I’d love to have one just like it

“175 pound-feet at the rear wheel” cant’ be right. SparkEV produces well over 1200 ft-lb at the wheel, Bolt even more. Maybe you mean at the motor shaft or missing a zero?

Actually he said “foot pounds” not the correct term of pound feet. Fortunately there are people who are real engineers who understand the difference. Same with kW and kWh.

175 pound-feet of torque is appropriate for a vehicle with the tires and weight and purpose of that replica car. The replica gas engine would produce much less than this figure. While I don’t have on hand any specifications for the motor used in the SparkEV, I’m confident that although the motor may produce a lot of torque, the car doesn’t have over 1200 lb-ft at the wheel. There’s no operating condition under which the tires on the Spark could make use of that level of torque.

I am interested in VW Beetle and Thing conversions….
I bet with a 144v 180Ah LiFePO4 pack, I can get over 100 mile range.
The problem with Tesla battery modules is, without *the rest of a Tesla car* present to baby them, they will likely catch on fire due to heat, or overcharging, or over-discharging…
They are not something that a random person should just be messing around with, and building their own vehicles with them.