VW Begins Training Experts For Electric I.D. Production

JUN 2 2018 BY MARK KANE 24

The big electric offensive by Volkswagen Group, that intends to launch 27 electric cars within three years (among four brands around the world), requires more engineers.

Volkswagen I.D., I.D. Crozz & I.D. Buzz

The German company decided to train top experts for the production of the I.D. family through its new “Future Electronic Engineer Program” (FEEP).

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The FEEP starts with 100 young engineers and skilled workers throughout the world, that will be trained especially for work with the modular electrification toolkit (MEB) that will underpin much of the upcoming VW Group electric cars.

“As start of production specialists, they will occupy future-oriented positions in planning, the pilot hall, the e-mobility model group, the pre-series center and electronics development. The first participants to complete the three-year program will support the run-up phase of the I.D. family, the new generation of full-electric vehicles based on the modular electrification toolkit (MEB) in Zwickau.”

Production of the first I.D. model (hatchback) is scheduled for November 2019. 100,000 units of I.D. to be made annually in Zwickau from from 2020.

Volkswagen I.D. Vizzion

“The new training program has been initiated by the Volkswagen brand pilot hall in Wolfsburg, which forms part of the Production and Logistics Board of Management division. Plants in China, Brazil, Argentina, the USA and Mexico are also participating in the program, which is supported by Volkswagen’s volunteering initiative and local universities. From June onwards, young specialists from Germany, China and the Americas will be participating in the program.

Oliver Wessel, Head of the Pilot Hall, who is responsible for the product creation process of all Volkswagen models together with his team, ensuring that series production of the models starts in the optimum way, aims to provide one of the most comprehensive specialist training schemes in the industry with the FEEP. “This year and next year, we will have to master about 80 starts of production. The vehicles have more digital intelligence on board than ever before. These are severe challenges. And the situation will become even more challenging with the MEB models. We need start of production specialists who can provide local support at our plants when the need arises and ensure a good start of production. We intend to implement outstanding volume production that meets our high quality requirements.”

Volkswagen I.D. Vizzion

The successful FEEP trainees will act as “midwives” for the new electric cars to be launched on the market as part of Volkswagen’s major electric offensive. Thomas Ulbrich, Member of the brand Board of Management responsible for E-Mobility, outlines the dimensions: “Within three years, Volkswagen will be starting production of a total of 27 electric car models for four brands in three regions of the world. At the Zwickau plant alone, models of three Group brands will roll off the production lines. In future, our MEB plants throughout the world will need young engineers who are thoroughly conversant with the requirements for production of the new vehicle architecture and also have considerable practical experience.”

Participants entering the program in fields such as vehicle informatics or data logistics will normally have completed a practically oriented course of studies. Initially, they will be provided with basic training on commissioning at the Volkswagen brand pilot hall in Wolfsburg and will work on current vehicle projects such as the first compact I.D. Following this stage, they will receive intensive seminars – for example during specialist training as programmers – and will work on projects with gradually increasing requirements. They will then complete an assignment to another country where they will work on starts of production and benefit from practically oriented support by highly qualified mentors and senior experts working on a volunteering basis.”

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24 Comments on "VW Begins Training Experts For Electric I.D. Production"

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3 year training program?

It’s called investing in people. They will become a highly qualified asset to VW.

Great news for VW as you cant build BEVs with ICE men…
Long term on going training is how you build a great work force but here in the home of instant gratification some think a three day program is long term…
Of course they also think the people who have never done the work are the same as the people who have which is why the Chinese are our new overlords…
All hail the red star where they do the work now… 🙁

It does take a while to get people up to speed with photoshop.

“3 year training program?”

I presume the plan is to eventually get these engineers involved with development of EVs, not merely producing them.

It may surprise you but mechanic is a three year apprentice ship just like plumber or electrician. Yeah, I know. Other Countries think their people can learn it in two weeks. It shows.

YES! they are Merely Apprentices …Nothing Less – Nothing More !

Emm…”merely producing” is the hard part. Tesla is floundering because they had the attitude that they could figure out how to assemble cars on the fly. VW will succeed at production because of this careful process. Tesla should have done this instead of tweeting how great they were and how they would ramp so quickly.

VW can SuckIT!

VW begins Training “EXPERTS” for electric I D Production ..If they were indeed “EXPERTS”…They would need No Training!

Next level stuff so training is part of the process.

The Experts are the Ones Training these Guys … These Guys are Not Experts …They Require Training Because they Lac the Expert Requirements Needed to move the Project forward….Otherwise Why Train Them ? DUUUUUUUUUUUUUU !

In Europe we do not fire people we do not need anymore and hire new ones from school. We train your staff for them to become “experts” (indeed) in our future needs.

I do not like VW for what they did, and I will probably confirm my preorder and buy for a AWD long range model 3 with all options (excepted “P”), but I can recognize that VW seems to go in the good direction when they spend time and money to train their people.

Europe is too big of a place to make generalizations like we don’t do that or this.

OK, so lets say what your last Bush president called the “old Europe”. Especially France, Germany, etc.

No, they are creating the “expertise” they will need in 18 to 24 months to scale production. By the way, true experts constantly train and learn to remain experts. No one starts as an expert in a new production process like BEV, If Tesla had developed experts like this they would be making money now. Instead they are constantly starting and stopping production and making costly running changes. Software updates will not fix the lousy body panel fit, poor paint, and rattles that plague Tesla post sale service departments with huge numbers of warranty claims.

What, you mean this time when VW says it’s putting the I.D. EV into production, it’s not just more vaporware?!?! Well, knock me over with a feather! 😯

Seriously, I was hoping that all the recent announcements from VW indicating a commitment to making and selling large numbers of EVs, and ensuring a large supply of battery cells for them, was not just more of the endless stream of EV-related vaporware we’ve seen from VW in the past. So it’s nice to see something that apparently confirms this is real.

It appears to be getting more real. They are talking nov. 2019 production start. That’s only 17 months away. This is not a concept car planned for 5 years off. I’m cautiously optimistic.

Are you talking about the car that is EU only? And probably in limited numbers… You can be optimistic, when my eGolf lease is up i will be pragmatic and move on to another manufacturer.

2020 is shaping up to be a pivotal year.

You should be. . Given Audi will start to sell their first EV in a few months.

Mass production of vehicles is a huge complex task, VW knows how to do it. This preproduction training of the people is a critical part of the process, VW knows there are many things to master – before they start. Tesla after ten years still cannot assemble cars efficiently or consistently. I was optimistic for them a year ago,. Now it is clear they will not be able to successfully scale at Fremont. The management is out of their depth, they skipped so much the required production process development of the model 3 and just started making them without a precise set of production steps and processes. Their body fit and finish is atrocious and reveals that they really thought the body building part would be easy since it’s been around so long. Today on the Tesla reddit there are pictures of a model 3 with an incomplete paint job. Literally there are parts Of a new model 3 sold to a customer wiith unpainted metal surfaces (Below the a pillars).

Doesn’t sound good for oil! Good for us!

Hi I would like to join for any courses that you will give on EV technology