Volkswagen Tiguan Plug-In Hybrid Spied Without Camo

MAR 4 2018 BY C SMITH 6

The SUV will probably debut very soon, but not for North America.

Our spy photographers managed to get a close look at Volkswagen’s Tiguan SUV with a slightly altered appearance. That’s because it’s actually a plug-in hybrid model, and as you can see, VW is apparently not the least bit interested in keeping it secret. Perhaps it’s because we’ve sort-of already seen it.

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VW Tiguan PHEV

For those who recall the Tiguan GTE concept from 2015, you’ll see this model bears a striking resemblance. The front fascia has the same vents on the corners, and it even wears PHEV badging in the same place the concept had GTE badges. The LED lights beneath the headlamps are a bit smaller, and the center opening on the fascia more resembles the current production Tiguan. The wheels are smaller as well, which is no real surprise given the tendency for automakers to exaggerate the bling in concept form. In reality – especially for a hybrid – big wheels would zap power, thus reducing range.

VW Tiguan PHEV

Little else is confirmed about the electrified Tiguan at this point. We suspect it will use a setup very similar to the GTE concept, which paired a 1.4-liter gas engine and electric motor to produce a combined 220 horsepower (164 kilowatts). The concept had an all-electric range of 31 miles (50 kilometers), but it’s quite possible that figure has improved in the two-plus years since we saw the concept.

VW Tiguan PHEV

Unfortunately, this version of the Tiguan will almost certainly not make it to North America, and it could have only a limited release in other parts of the world. Last year, VW Brand Boss Herbert Diess said there were exactly zero plans for the company to offer plug-in hybrids across the pond. Instead, VW would focus on bringing full electric vehicles to market. Given the popularity of SUVs, not to mention the continuing shadow of Dieselgate, it’s always possible the automaker could reconsider.

Source: CarPix

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6 Comments on "Volkswagen Tiguan Plug-In Hybrid Spied Without Camo"

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Micke Larsson

This will be a great addition. 236k sold in Europe last year.

Chris S

It says Tiguan L on the car, which is China only. Hopefully it makes it into the european version.

Lauri Rosendahl

Better late than never. I have been driving a Mitsu Outlander PHEV since Jan 2014 and will NEVER go back to owning a combustion-engine-only car.

Lauri Rosendahl

Better late than never. I have been driving a Mitsu Outlander PHEV since Jan 2014 and will NEVER go back to owning a combustion-engine-only car. And all-EV is next.


Probably within 20km if lucky max 35km battery range…I figured out, that is the German car manufacturer their upper limit (Korean car manufacturers went for 40-50km). So I wont even bother waiting on it…


I would totally buy that in the US in a hearbeat.

It is way better than the Outlander in terms of refinement inside/out at least in the gas version.

The EV range is probably going to be weaker.