Is This Tesla Model S What Superman Would Drive?


If he couldn’t fly, might this Tesla be his wheels?

If Superman ever needed to drive, would this Tesla Model S Superman edition be his ride of choice?

Let’s just imagine for a moment that Kryptonite took Superman down and he needed some wheels to ward off the bad guys, then perhaps this new T Sportline Tesla Model S would be ideally suited for the task at hand.

It’s a rather slick take on a modified Tesla and it certainly fits the Superman theme. The mods extend to the interior too, where the superhero look continues.

If you don’t like Superman, then this car is certainly not for you.

Video description:

If Superman Needed A Ride, He Might Have Chosen This Tesla Model S

Called Project Superman, it’s the latest Model S customized by the Tesla experts at T Sportline. And as you can see, it lives up to the name.

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Just when I thought that the story about towing a Tesla to charge it was the most stupid article ever posted on this website, this gem comes along.

Let’s shed a tear for poor “Some Guy” who had to experience excruciating mental pain upon being brutally forced to read the article against his will!

And a tear for some poor guy who felt so aggrieved by said comment they had to post a pissy comment in response.

Everyone knows that a superman who can’t fly isn’t a REAL superman…

No, he’s Clark Kent, a mild-mannered reporter, for a great metropolitan newspaper.

The New York Times.

And, depending on the decade in question, he would drive a Geo Metro, a Chevette, a Pinto, the original 1970s Fiesta (not the huge-ass one of today) or a Dodge Omni. If it has to be electric, a Spark EV.

If this is not real Superman, I should be able to to key it and it’ll still scrach.

No. He will just run faster then a speeding bullet

And will still be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. (Originally, before the Fleischer Superman cartoons gave him the power of flight, Superman could leap 1/8 of a mile.)


almost “perfect” but wheels should be red just like superman’s boots… 😛 :DDD


Yes indeed.

It’s a BMW thing. Tacky is an understatement.

They call it the Superman Combo…. Blue Exterior with Red Interior ‼️

In Superman the Animated Series Superman’s ego Clark Kent did drive a car but it was a common looking car to blend in so most likely he would drive a regular model 3 or a Nissan leaf to blend in.

I have a superhero character in a storyline drives a car based off of a Mitsubishi i-miev so I can show the car get into dumb set ups of it ether having to outrun something really large trying to eat it or it going off roading over rocky paths or down cliffs.

I love the blue paint job! Too bad that’s not one of Tesla’s standard colors.

As for the subject of this article, I’m reminded of a line from “Star Trek V”. Kirk asks a being claiming to be God: “Why does God need a starship?”

And, y’know, if Superman lost his powers, then he wouldn’t be Superman anymore. So the question is rather pointless.

Why would Superman drive? He can freakin’ fly.

Try: “Is This Tesla Model S – WHICH – Superman would Drive?” …(Proper English is always appreciated).