Video: Elon Musk Makes Big Entrance At “Dell World,” Says Model S Production Now Up To 600 Per Week

DEC 13 2013 BY JAY COLE 18

Michael Dell Introduces Tesla CEO Elon Musk To Dell World 2013

Michael Dell Introduces Tesla CEO Elon Musk To Dell World 2013

Dell World kicked off on Thursday and there was a couple of big differences this year over previous ones.  The most notable (and impossible to ignore) was the exuberance of Michael Dell over successfully returning Dell to “private” status.

Yupe, We Are Driving To The Stage

Yupe, We Are Driving To The Stage

The second was the high profile entrance of Tesla and Space X CEO Elon Musk, as he got driven to the stage in a fancy, new red Model S.

And while you can catch the entire video of the event below (Elon Musk’s entrance happens at the 48:50 mark) there was one sound bite on Tesla Model S production that we found most interesting.

According to the CEO, it has crested the 600 unit a week level, and is constrained only by Panasonic’s inability to produce enough batteries.

Interviewer: How many vehicles are you building at this point?

Elon Musk:  So, we are at around 600 a week, and our projections were about 400 a week. 

Panasonic which was our main supplier for the battery cells was able to ramp up by 50%, but it is going to take them a little longer to improve production beyond that.  I mean I expect that our cell supply constraints will be solved probably by the middle of next year, or maybe the 2nd quarter.”

Past that Mr. Musk talks about his reasons for getting into the electric car business, and the reluctance of the major automakers to really get into the business, leaving him to believe that without a company like Tesla “we wouldn’t see compelling electric cars…not for a long time.”

Also, Elon Musk’s other company – Space X plays a big part in the conversation as well.  Musk explains during the interview how being a dual CEO of Tesla and Space X at the same time has helped further develop products at both companies simultaneously.

The video also contain a lot of other interesting, yet slightly awkward bits, about Tesla’s history and future.

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Does anyone else think that Mr. Musk is spending too much time giving interviews? He seems to be everywhere.

Absolutely not. Tesla’s engineers already produced a terrific product, but the buzz around Tesla has to keep going for years to get the company through its infancy. If people stop hearing about Tesla in the news, they’ll stop considering it. Getting mentioned in the media as often is possible is the second most important thing to Tesla after good engineering.

No, the problem with Musk’s interviews is that you watch them all, so it appears that Musk is everywhere. I am quite sure that Sergio Marchionne gives almost as many interviews as Musk, but the problem is that he does not have anything interesting to say, so his interviews are just ignored from wider public.

Its the best bang for your advertising dollar possible… or for your dollar you never spent….


Wow, wow 30 000/year extrapolated without Asia sales. Great!

And without any advertising. Very few potential customer still understands what kind of car is a compelling electric vehicle.

I think a lot of wealthy people know what Tesla is all about. Consider the excessive coverage of the stock on CNBC and other media. Who needs advertising. They’re in the malls where wealthy people shop.

Free advertising! Don’t want to break their current ad budget of $0!

This is cool that they are at 600 cars a week and I remember Elon Musk saying a comment that Tesla was going to get to building 800 cars a week by the end of next year but it’s the opening of the year and they only have 200 more a week to ramp up to 800. It makes me wounder could building a 1000 or 1200 a week be possible by the end of the year. They are at least on the same level now as Nissan is with building leafs.

Reading between the line, the main constraint is battery production. There have been a number of announcements on that front. Given that the production line is mostly automated and the factory is huge (and under-utilized), I bet they could double capacity with out too much difficulty.

I think when Tesla made that battery deal for two billion batteries for over a 100,000 cars a year. I really think the existing model S and model X being sold globally could easily devour that new capacity.

Tesla has now battery supply problem. Their capacity at Q4 is 7800 cars per week but they can actually produce only 6000 cars, because Panasonic anticipated that Tesla will produce only 5200 cars in Q4.

However as it is faster to ramp up battery supply than car production, this is only a short term problem. Therefore Elon predicts that the battery supply constraint should dissipate by Q2, 2014.

I still remember when the nay-sayers said it was just too hard for Tesla to ever double production from 100 to 200 units a week. Then in only a few months they had gone from 100 to 400 a week, despite what all the nay-sayers said.

Now here we are now talking about 600 units a week. I pretty much think that if Musk decided it was to Tesla’s benefit to build 2000 a week next year, he would find a way and make it happen. Find a second supplier, change battery format, whatever solution he might come up with to make it happen, he’d do it if he thought it would help Tesla as a company. I’m not worried about the numbers.

Google Giga-Plant
(that’s fun to say)

good god red tesla is just orgasmic

I’m afraid this road Musk is taking (technodemigod) is going to blow up in his face some day, and take Tesla down with him.

Technodemigod? He would satisfy the “technogod” rank solely with his work at Tesla. Add SpaceX and Solar City to the equation, and you have a Cerberusgod. Ironman suit will need redesign to incorporate tri-helmet update.

One guy owns 12 Tesla’s… wild stuff…