Top 8 Tesla Model 3 Accessories


Here are some fantastic products for the Tesla Model 3 with shopping links included.

If you’re a Tesla Model 3 owner (or soon-to-be owner) looking for accessories, YouTuber Andy Slye has you covered. He’s done the research and hard work for you. Andy shares his favorite products for the popular, electric sedan, complete with a review and reasoning behind his decisions. He also includes all the links so that you can easily check out these accessories and decide what you’d like to purchase for your Tesla.

With the arrival of any new car, we begin to see a barrage of accessories and products hit the market. This is becoming increasingly true for the Model 3 since it is starting to find a home in many more driveways as of late. With the advent of online shops like Amazon, it can be frustrating and time-consuming to sift through all the listings, prices, and reviews to find what’s best. Andy’s video and product links are a great start if you’re looking for highly recommended Model 3 accessories.

Video Description via Andy Slye on YouTube:

These are my top 8 best Tesla Model 3 accessories (plus 3 bonus products for Aero wheel owners)…

Waterless Car Wash/Wax:
Microfiber Bug Sponge:
All-Purpose Cleaner:
All-Weather Floor Mats:
Cordless Hand Vacuum:
Matte Black Console Wrap:
Collapsible Sunshade:
Smart Home Lock:

Bonus for Aero Wheel owners:
Aero Wheel Cap Kit…
Suction cup
Wheel touch-up paint

My favorite car wash & wax for the Model 3 is made by Aero Cosmetics (perfect 5-star rating on Amazon). It was recommended to me by a fellow Tesla owner and it works great on the Model 3. The kit comes with everything you need including microfiber towels. You can use it with or without water – just spray it on the car, wipe away the dirt, then buff for wax finish, and in 30 minutes I can have a clean & shiny Model 3.

The Model 3 front end is a bug magnet.This Viking microfiber bug scrubber helps get the bugs off when washing the car. This one’s great because it has a mesh microfiber design that’s strong yet safe to use on the car’s clear coat. Plus it’s washable & reusable.

The CarGuys Super Cleaner is one of the best all-purpose cleaners and works great for the Model 3 interior. It can clean pretty much any surface except glass. You can use it on the dash, seats, steering wheel, middle console – almost anything inside the Model 3. It also comes with its own microfiber towel which is nice.

These ToughPro all-weather floor mats for under $100 will come in handy if you ever have passengers riding in your car. They are cut perfectly for the Model 3 and fit nicely on top of the existing floor mats or you can use them on their own if you’d like. They’re low maintenance & easy to clean.

Another must-have for keeping the interior clean is a cordless hand vacuum. This Black & Decker is very affordable so it’s not going to be the most advanced hand vac, but it’s good enough for most car cleanups. It’s low cost, compact, rechargeable, and gets the job done.

The Model 3 center console is extremely glossy & fingerprint/dust magnet. To fix this I got this awesome DIY matte black console wrap kit. The install took about 1 hour and was fairly easy but it did take some patience. Totally worth it though and I love the way it looks and feels now.

As an owner of a fully electric vehicle you’ll want to minimize battery usage and this foldable sunshade helps with that. It folds into a small circle & has a convenient holder for it so it’s not taking up a lot of room in my Model 3. It works great for blocking the heat from the sun which helps avoid battery drain from the fan kicking on.

The August Smart Home Lock lets you turn your existing door lock into a smart lock with Bluetooth capability. As you know with the Model 3, your smartphone is basically your key so to get rid of your keys altogether you’ll want a smart home lock. The August is probably the most popular option for smart home door locks and this one has worked great for me. It has an app so you can lock & unlock your door via Bluetooth or with the optional bridge you can lock & unlock it from anywhere.

The next 3 products are for Aero wheel Model 3 owners. If your Model 3 has the standard 18″ wheels you definitely need to get the Tesla Aero wheel cap kit if you want your Model 3 to show off the nice looking rims underneath.

Many people who own the Aero wheels don’t even like the look of the Aero wheels and prefer the actual rims. I’m not that person, I actually love the Aero wheels and how they look. But it’s nice to change it up every once in a while.

But if you get that kit you’ll also want this suction cup. It’s only a few dollars on Amazon but it helps tremendously when removing the center cap from your wheel when you want to put the Aero wheels back on.

Last but not least if you have the standard 18″ wheels, at some point you’ll probably experience curb rash and it’s not fun. Even with the aero caps on it’s possible to curb rash these wheels which I did within a few weeks of owning my Model 3. So you’ll want to get this Dupli-color touch up paint. The color is called Dark Shadow Gray and it matches the rim color almost perfectly. It’s not a complete 100% fix for curb rash but it does make it look way less noticeable just by putting some of it on. I hope curb rash never happens to you but if it does, this will help big time.


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These do not seem to be TM3 specific products. They are generic car accessories.

Yes, and yet there are endless discussions on the internet about what products like these are best to use on the Model 3. New buyers seem to seek out this exact sort of information. Go figure!

It would be a tow bar for me.

I would like to be positive about such an article, but…I cannot. These are really generic recommendations for almost ANY new car. This piece was absolutely NOT worthy of using here with the lead being “accessories for the Tesla Model 3.

Why not suggestions for more options for fitted higher quality carpets? Options to lighten up the dark interior of the standard car black fitment?

Or further suggestions about trim options to extend the “wood look” to the console, etc?

Or some options to consider relative to changing the actual seating covering to other color options?

And then …what might be already available for PERFORMANCE upgrades ? Suggestions for better tires, better brake pads, brakes, or suspension mods?

And lastly, IMHO, all of us could well benefit from installing front and rear dash/security cameras, so why not some highlighting best options for both quality and price?

But “car wash” suggestions.. …pretty lame, IMHO.

Let me add another observation. Andy tried to post this content multiple times elsewhere. While I generally support any efforts to help new EV owners, unfortunately we didn’t find his approach helpful either. I wanted to be wrong on this, but this unfortunately wasn’t just my conclusion.

What about HUD evaluations? 360° dual cameras?

Slow news day.

How much does Andy get paid each time someone clicks on one of his helpful links?

Two best accessaries…getjeda charging pad (for wireless charging fitting perfectly in center console) and Tesla’s own caps/bolt covers for those purchasing 18’s with standard aeros and if your interested in taking those hubcaps off but still getting an OEM look.