Tesla Surprise: Model 3 Buyers In Europe Get Early Test Drives


How can you not like surprises?

Tesla recently invited owners of the Model S and Model X in Germany, those who also put in a reservation for the Model 3, to talk about their cars and the upcoming (in Europe) Model 3.

Surprisingly, the event was not only talking. Tesla made available the Model 3 demo for a short test drive.

As you can see in the video, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. And the shocked look on everyone’s faces when the Model 3 arrived is priceless, too.

Tesla customers seemed to like the look, the feel, driving experience and the infotainment system. Of course, the Model 3 is a smaller car than the S or X, which makes it a perfect fit for tight European streets and parking spaces. Smaller size, by the way, is more affordable too.

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Yes, Virginia, there is a Model 3.

The real news is that THE best youtube channel Engineering Explained got Tesla Model 3 MR.

Tesla Model S sales in Germany (October 18) : 46
This accounts for 0,8% of electrified véhicules sold in Germany in October.

Be realistic please.
Most ofTesla sales are in Norway & Netherlands.

If we’re gonna “be realistic” then we should give realistic figures, not outlier figures.

The Tesla Model S accounted for, at last (October) count, 2.01% of 2018 year-to-date PEV (Plug-in EV) sales in Germany. That doesn’t sound like much, but even the German best-sellers, the Renault Zoe and VW e-Golf, only got 8% apiece.

I find it interesting that in Germany, PEV sales are pretty spread out across many different models, not mostly concentrated in the top 5 as they are in the U.S.