Musk: Tesla Supercharger Network Will Expand Greatly In Europe In 2019

DEC 27 2018 BY MARK KANE 27

100% of European coverage in 2019?

According to the latest Elon Musk announcement on Twitter, Tesla is going to greatly expand its European Supercharging network. The goal is to cover all countries from west to east, and from north to south.

Currently, a high density of Superchargers was achieved only in major markets, while smaller markets have yet to receive stations, or have just a few on major highways.

“Supercharger coverage will extend to 100% of Europe next year. From Ireland to Kiev, from Norway to Turkey.”

Tesla Supercharging network in Europe – December 27, 2018

The number of Tesla charging stations increased to over 1,400 with over 11,800 Supercharging stalls. It’s the biggest fast charging network of any kind, but Tesla missed its own targets of 18,000 Supercharging stalls by the end of 2018.

Elon Musk is encouraging that dramatical expansion is coming within cities.

“We are dramatically increasing Tesla Superchargers within cities & working with landlords to add home charging to apartment buildings.”

It’s expected that Tesla will increase the pace of installations when the V3 version of the Superchargers enter the market in 2019. We assume that the switch to the CCS Combo 2 standard in Europe (and later probably basically almost everywhere else besides North America) could be combined with the introduction of higher power chargers to stay competitive with new 175-350 kW CCS.

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FYI: Model 3 is the DN “Vehicle of The Year” for 2018.
Deserves a write up, within the context of the writer owns one – how interesting.

Definitely. We saw it coming after that Autoline episode. Pretty awesome. You can’t even buy a Tesla in Michigan and there’s so much Tesla hate here.

How apropos, you can’t buy the car of the year in Detroit.
I like the pickups intentionally blocking Tesla charging stations or coal rollers blowing their stinky exhaust onto evs.
It’s such adolescent behavior lending truth to the supposition that these people are idiots, just in case there was any doubt.

They may be idiots, but they are surely desperate. If they were any real reasons to dislike Tesla or EVs in general, they would use them. But since there aren’t, this is the equivalent of children stepping on each other’s sand castles because theirs isn’t as pretty.

Tell me when they start to fill in the huge black holes in coverage in Canada and the northern US states. I know one person who cancelled his Model 3 reservation because of the lack of coverage in SK.

No electricity in that part of the world?

Slovakia is not that big….

Saskatchewan, on the other hand, is huge. But they generate almost all of their power with coal đŸ˜›

Kind of crazy in my opinion. Wouldn’t cost much to complete the dozen chargers in Canada and ND to fill that big hole. I get that there’s very little traffic but it sticks out badly.

Montana as well. Alberta is reasonably well served for SC, but as soon as you cross the border there’s a large no mans land until you get to the I90/Butte, which means you’ll get routed down through BC and Washington, which is about another days trip.

I don’t get it. Why do you care about superchargers in your *home* area? You don’t need any superchargers close to your home, since you can charge at home for any kind of short trips.
Only far away from home do you need an external fast charging network. Right?

Instead of Europe, how about throwing few more bones in San Diego. There are people waiting an hour at 12 stall supercharger site before even plugging in.

Locals? Some reports of people buying without even having a way to charge at ‘home’ … odd life choice because the Model 3 has been coming for a long time.

No. It’s old habits

I feel like when it gets to that point, this should be where capitalism should come into play. Other companies should be seeing an opportunity and install their own chargers nearby so that they can make money.

What other companies would charge would not ease any ques at Tesla superchargers where most still have free charging…

That’s like claiming nobody would buy anything at a convenience store because the prices at supermarkets are so much cheaper.

Convenience is worth paying for.

Comparing a little wait to not being able to charge at all… spoiled much?

Agreed. Those spoiled Europeans can suck on L2 and wait while more are installed here.

Destination charging is just as important and deserves to be developed at the same pace. With the increase in EVs, people will start to book hotels only if there is a charger available.

I’ve looked on plugshare before and found that I can find a decent hotel in just about any part of any city I want to visit and they have tesla destination chargers available.

Why? If new Euro cars will have CCS

Because, Tesla’s mission is to have everyone driving EV’s. There are not enough CCS stations in Europe(or anywhere else for that matter), to sustain a 100% EV market-share.
That means, Tesla has to deploy their own chargers, to make sure that there are enough chargers for every Tesla driver to go around.

Or maybe it means that we EV enthusiasts need to show patience, and need to understand that it will take time for EV ownership to increase to the level at which it makes sense for entrepreneurs to invest in building for-profit EV charging stations.

In the early days of motorcar ownership, there were no gas stations. You had to buy gasoline in a tin at the hardware store or drug store.

Eventually, there will be enough EVs on the road for for-profit EV charging stations to start popping up all over the place… without any need for auto makers to build them, any more than auto makers built gas stations.

If that is their mission, I hope they open up superchargers for everyone with a CCS-plug.

Here in Norway the number of Model 3 sold will be so high that a substantial expansion of Superchargers is necessary. Tesla probably has usage data which shows where the benefit of network extension is highest. To increase European sales it is necessary with better Supercharger coverage.

I hope they continue to hand out free supercharging now that they switched to CCS.