Tesla Shows Off Model 3 In Japan For First Time Ever

NOV 12 2018 BY MARK KANE 15

Tesla brings the Model 3 to Japan in preparation for its Asian invasion.

In Japan, Tesla Model 3 will go on sale (first deliveries) in the second half of 2019 (some think it will be late 2019). A few days ago, the Californian company presented the Model 3 for the first time in Japan.

Prices are expected to exceed 5 million yen ($46,000 is about 5.2 million yen) for the Mid Range version plus some import taxes, but only time will tell for sure as Tesla prices change often.

The car was earlier presented in China, which will get the Model 3 sooner than Japan.

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Great news! Any idea how well the S and X sold in Japan?

I don’t understand why people vote down a “question”?

Because it has nothing to do with the news. And the author can’t simply Google for it.

Because, apparently, some people can’t stand the thought that other people think differently than they do, and have different opinions.

It was a question, not an opinion.

I agree, but clearly “Gabriel” does not.

I found this webpage — see link.
It shows sales in Japan by make for October, 2018.

Tesla isn’t listed, so it is a portion of “Other.”
The total for Other for October is 38. But the first 3 columns for passenger cars are “usual”, “small size” and “light”.

The Model S and X would fit under usual, and that total for October is 20.
So Tesla’s Japan sales is some portion of 20 for October.

You will probably need to select the option to translate the website.


Do Not Read Between The Lines

Yes, sales were low in Japan. Partly because of the size. A Japanese Model S owner posted that he had difficulty finding parking. Model 3’s smaller size should help sales a bit.

But, if they’re only starting to show in Japan now, they’re months later than other RHD markets. So, they’re probably not expecting many sales.

Thanks MoMac

Is the mid-range Model 3 actually expected to be sold outside of North America? I figured the first few months of 2019 they’d only be selling the Dual Motor Long Range + Performance variants overseas, then roll out standard range in North America in mid 2019, then roll out standard range globally in late 2019.

Just in time for them to start preparing for the Model Y in 2020.

So far as I know, Tesla has yet to put any right-hand-drive Model 3 into production. Japan is a right-hand-drive country.

Something here does not add up.

What is not adding up? RHD deliveries starting around mid 2019. Everything else is just preparation.

Why? RHD models for Europe (UK & Ireland) & Australia are also supposed to start mid-2019 (*) (LHD versions a few months earlier).
So Japan is consistent with that, unless homologation is more of an issue.

(*) Original timeline was sooner, Europe LHD in mid-2018 and RHD late 2018.

Thank you and Micke for explaining. I didn’t realize that Tesla planned on producing a RHD version of the TM3 that soon. 🙂

Steering is on the wrong side fir Japanese clients