Tesla Has “Most Impressive Product Roadmap” In Tech / Auto


Another financial services company has decided to cover and promote Tesla stock.

We don’t cover Tesla stock very often at InsideEVs. We’ll be very honest and say that we aren’t exactly financial experts. And, we continue to clarify that we have no vested interest. However, as the tables are clearly turning with the company’s more recent successes and profitability, more financial outfits are reporting on the stock. Last week, analysts at Wedbush began coverage of Tesla Inc. (TSLA) and had nothing but positives to report.

Wedbush is headed up by Dan Ives. The firm put a $440 price target on shares, which represents a 16-percent increase above last Thursday’s closing price. The firm claims:

[Tesla] has the most impressive product roadmap out of any technology/auto vendor around.

The report goes on to label Tesla as a game changer and a top force pushing electric car adoption over the next ten years. Still, Wedbush points out that the Silicon Valley automaker is up against adversity related to Model 3 production challenges and constraints, as well as continual regulatory issues. Even so, the analyst adds:

… overall seeing the forest through the trees we believe Tesla has the most innovative product roadmap in the technology space over the next 5 to 10 years.

Wedbush is looking ahead at Tesla’s upcoming opportunity to further ramp Model 3 production and sales into 2019, which should continue its momentum of success and profitability.

According the Wedbush website:

Since our founding in 1955, Wedbush Securities has been a leader in the financial industry providing our clients with a wide range of services; including institutional sales, correspondent clearing services, equity research, corporate and municipal finance, equity market making, fixed income trading, prime brokerage, and wealth management.

The company currently operates over 100 offices, lays claim to more than 90 awards, and contributes to over 85 charities.

Source: MarketWatch

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And their valuation reflects this as Tesla is making the future while the laggard, legacy LICE makers go backwards.

It’s true. They are not so much predicating a brilliant future for Tesla just based on Tesla, but the totally inept response from legacy auto.

Wedbush Securities ” $440 secured” ?

Apparently, they took too many 420 so they lost track and called it 440.


Well as great as Tesla EV is doing the battery storage business will eventually be as big and profitable as the EV’s. PG&E order a 1,200 MW battery and Tesla is now building a MW battery storage about 23 ft. By 5 ft. That they’ll transport to the sites.
Only thing slowing up Tesla is production they’ll have back orders for years. A great place to be when demand outstrips supply.

It’s certainly that, but at the time they created demand for their products, and are now creating more, with a rather simple philosophy: do it better than anyone else. Ok, the missed the meeting on interiors, but my point is that if you make something new well, then people will want, and then they tell two friends.

To your point, ATM there is huge reservoir of pent up demand for Tesla products, and that body of water is not looking to dry up anytime soon. In fact it will probably swell to greater proportions.
It’s merely a matter of time. Things will look much different 10 years from now.

PG&E ordered 1,200 MWh (not MW) battery from Dynegy (not Tesla).

They ordered a 730 MWh battery from Tesla. There’s an option to increase it to 1100 MWh at a later date.

Glad someone cares about the units and the facts (seriously, NOT sarcasm)

If you want facts, look them up. If you want opinion the web is filled with it, fact based or not.

Article said that Tesla is going to install 1200 MWH of battery storage using 449 Mega Packs and that each Mega Pack is 2,673 kwh.
More battery storage PowerWalls and PowerPacks than they installed in the last 3 years.

There are no true behind this good or bad news at all, this is just pure spin and speculation, in 6 md. Same person or his close friend will short tesla stock with some new speculation about future and share value being to high on the current earnings or whatever reason or blown up crises they can find, those guys only gool is to confuse public and make fast money on peoples emotions and panik I recoment people to invest in this share for life long term and only cash out if they really need the money