Tesla Model X Sightings Galore During Tesla Factory Tour – Video

DEC 11 2015 BY JAY COLE 10

Tesla Model X Being Assembled In Fremont, California (via Youtube/The Car Guide)

Tesla Model X Being Assembled In Fremont, California (via Youtube/The Car Guide)

Not often do we get to see the inner workings of Tesla’s Fremont assembly facility from an outsider’s prospective.

Even more rare is to see footage of the Model X in production.

Yet Jean Lemieux from The Car Guide (French) managed to get some interesting video of Tesla’s new all-electric SUV being built.

The heads-up on the video came via new EV blog “EVandmore.com“, of whom also happens to have a good amount of exclusive pictures of the Model X at various stages of production, that we would encourage anyone interested to check out here.


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Good to see Model X production line staring to ramp up. I wonder is those are customer order units or line validation/calibration units?

At what point did you see it on a line? I only saw Model S on the line and one Model X being hand made. Maybe I wasn’t paying enough attention.

1:30 and 2:20 very Frankenstein-like!

3+ years late and still no regular deliveries in 2015. And the model 3 ordering opens in March – um, okay.

If building the Model S was like passing a kidney stone, building the X is like having a triplets without anesthesia. The Model 3 will likely be more like a bout of turburculosis.

Ordering isn’t opening in March. Tesla plan to reveal their prototype around that date – two very different things!

Reservations will also start around that point. It’s not straight up orders, but pretty close.

Where do you suppose the car body is going when it gets raised up to the ceiling around 2:20? Does the factory have two levels?

Yes, the underline (in French) said that the car was elevated in a attic where through an automated transport system around the plant it moves the car at the paint shop.

Toyota would be extremely envy of Tesla’s world class manufacturing efficiency. The guy obviously worked so hard, so hard he had to put his hands in his pocket to protect them from falling off.
There is no doubt that the demand for Model S and X are so high, Tesla line is running 24/7 to produce more cars to satisfy the huge demand.