Tesla Model S To Launch In Australia On December 9


Tesla Motors soon will expand sales of Model S to Australia, a country that’s been waiting for such a move for more than two years since the launch of the Model S.

Official introduction is scheduled for December 9 in Sydney, so someone will finally get the perfect Christmas gift.

Prices in Australia (in AUD) are several thousand above those in US. Base 60 kWh version costs over $91,000 ($78,000 in USD).

Additionally, we know that after Ford, General Motors Holden, Toyota and Mitsubishi decided to exit Australia, Tesla offered to hire engineers.

“Motoring.com.au reported that Tesla talent scouts held an interview open house in Melbourne, looking for engineers regarding a wide variety of automotive features, from crash and cooling systems to body and interior engineers.”

Tesla Model S prices in Australia

Tesla Model S prices in Australia

“Tesla’s Model S makes its way into Sydney’s Westfield shopping center.”

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10 responses to "Tesla Model S To Launch In Australia On December 9"
  1. See Through says:

    Anyone has clue on how many pending orders from Australia?

  2. Jesse Gurr says:

    Yeah but those new Tesla hires will not stay in Australia but will have to move to Cali.

  3. vdiv says:

    Wonder what the plans are for superchargers and service centers with the country being rather large. Parts of Australia are doing really well with solar PV so long-range EVs will be great to have.

  4. Miggy says:

    Australia this month, New Zealand next inline.

  5. Rob Stark says:

    First Australian Supercharger under construction in Lower North Shore section of Sydney.

  6. miles says:

    Wow, $91,000 in might have to prostitute myself to own this car.

  7. Martin T says:

    Very Nice except the price sigh….
    but I do live in Australia, so for our safe lifestyle there a price πŸ™‚

    1. Rob Stark says:

      Australian Prices

      2013 BMW 7 Series manufacturer’s list prices:

      BMW 730d – $204,600
      BMW 740i – $211,500
      BMW 740Li – $226,500
      BMW ActiveHybrid 7 – $222,000
      BMW ActiveHybrid 7L – $237,000
      BMW 750i – $281,100
      BMW 750Li – $297,800
      BMW 760Li – $391,500

      1. Phr3d says:

        good point..