Tesla Model 3 Outsells All Other EVs In Q3 In Canada


Canadian electric vehicle sales topped out at nearly 35,000 plug-in electric vehicles sold (YTD) through the end of September.

Even with the Ontario tax incentives cut, it seems that the Canadian EV and plug-in hybrid market is reeling in new customers. There have been nearly 35,000 plug-in electric vehicles sold in Canada this year through the end of September, an increase of 158% compared to this time last year.

For Q3 of 2018, there were over 13,000 EVs sold, an increase over Q3 2017 of a staggering 166% and a clear-cut showcase of where the market up north is going.

With this current rate, Canada will see more EVs sold in a single year (2018), than in the whole of the previous three years, combined. For 2017, there were 19,200 EV sales, whereas just a year before, sales reached only 11,000 vehicles. For the most part, on average, electric vehicle sales in Canada have increased by more than 66% per year for the previous five-year period.

Canadian EV Sales Scorecard

Furthermore, Tesla has been doing rather swell in Canada throughout 2018. In Q3 2018, Tesla overall sold an impressive 2,924 vehicles combined through Model 3, Model S and Model X sales. However, the 2,020 units of the Model 3 sold in Q3 gives us a staggering showcase of how much demand there is for the entry-level electric model from the California-based carmaker.

Additional vehicles that top the EV sales charts in Canada for Q3 are the Nissan Leaf with 2,009 vehicles sold, Chevrolet Bolt with 528, followed by the Tesla Model X and Model S.

In the PHEV category, the Mitsubishi Outlander tops the chart at 1,928 vehicles sold, followed by the Toyota Prius Prime, Ford Fusion Energi and Chevrolet Volt.

Overall, the market for battery-powered and plug-in hybrid vehicles is clearly growing in Canada, and if the government can retain some sort of an incentive program, the sales are on a path to explode real soon.

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We can hardly wait for the 3 to come to Norway.. and IT will outsell all cars (whatever fuel) with a big margin
And, if offered with a hitch option, market doubles. Please Elon- we have waited 2,5 years, hope we can Get the best car within 6 months

Ok. All you had to do was say please.
Hey with a 2nd Roadster why don’t you raffle it off and only your Patreon supporters can buy chances. You will probably get as much money as you would from selling it. and excite people that have supported you for years.

Sorry, im not Bjørn Nyland
I have no Tesla(yet) nor any YouTube channel

You won 11 grand slams and you also want a Tesla? 😂

Funny- got it!!

My mistake, sorry.

Time to wake up, boy.

It will, whenever Tesla starts supplying in sufficient numbers. We are a tiny market at the end of the day, so with production volumes starting to resemble that of popular ICE vehicles, Tesla should be able to clear the waiting line in Norway pretty fast, if it wants to. The only question in that respect is whether doing so would anger customers in larger European markets, who might think Norway is getting preferential treatment if it gets as many cars as, say, France or Germany. But whether the delivery and service apparatus is in fact prepared for Model 3 remains to be seen. Already the service situation in and around Oslo is completely unacceptable, with many months waiting time to get a car serviced (if the car is driveable, it may be possible to set aside a Saturday and drive several hours to more sparsely inhabited areas and get serviced on the day – but it is of course when the car isn’t, or is barely, driveable that you really need to get it serviced fast). Hopefully the M3 quality is now good enough (and will be on the slightly different European version) that Tesla will have plenty of time… Read more »

Great to see the Q3 push, with the majority in Ontario due to the incentives ending in September. I’m hopefully our Ontario numbers will still be relatively strong, although for sure they will drop now that the incentives are gone.

No surprise to me on the Model 3 being number one in Canada, however what was a surprise was that the Leaf was number one in Ontario, and only number two nationally by about 60 units! That’s much stronger than I thought the Leaf would do.

So much for #Rapidgate and the forums with negative sediments about the Leaf. I’ve been saying all this year, that the Leaf is a great value-priced and feature-rich BEV for a majority of use cases. Does not compare to the Model 3 as they are two completely different BEVs aimed at different markets.

I’m also surprised somewhat that the Bolt has not gained ground further – I guess GM still does not want to crank them out any faster then they’ve been doing. #missingthewaveGM

GM has no interest in pushing a car that loses money.
That’s my sentiment. But then you more down to earth than me.

What a tragedy.. why in the world would they support cheaper gas instead of more electric cars on the roads😔😔
By the way, thanks for the nice show you do- keep up the good work!

No need to get defensive: while there is a vocal minority who loves bashing the Leaf, I’m sure most here would agree that it’s a perfectly good choice for many people 🙂

Regarding the Ontario incentives situation, I’d say it’s somewhat atypical: because it happened so fast, I suspect the supernova -> black hole pattern we always see on incentive cuts might not turn out quite as pronounced in this case?…

We’ll have until January to see 4th quarter results,
The incentives were active for most of the 3rd quarter.

Like I told my Friend with a Botlt EV, i bought my first EV in 2006, as a used Conversion, with no financial incentives! I might end up in the same situation for my Model 3 purchase! Still clearing old, outstanding debts! Almost there…!

Since GM will almost certainly hit the phaseout in December, shouldn’t they want to push as many EVs as possible in the US to take the most advantage of the credits?

Wanting my be different from being able to.

I’m not actually sure they care… Until they have models that they make a profit on (presumably with the next generation in 2021 or so), they only need to sell a certain number to fulfil mandates, and anything beyond that is surplus to them.

Cause you can’t buy them here in Canada any more than I can buy a unicorn to ride

Leaf sales could have been even higher. Nissan Canada keeps zero stock of the LEAF in dealers, must be ordered.

The top 5 plugin list looks very different from the USA:

Model 3 – 2070 (roughly the same per-capita rate as US but unlike the US, 1st place by a very slim margin)
Leaf – 2009 (6th in US)
Outlander -1928 (13th in US)
Prius Prime – 1061 (4th in US)
Ford Fusion – 987 (10th in US)

For those of you South of the 48th parallel, the population of Canada is about that of California…let that sink in.

Impressive since the rebate in Ontario was phased out back in July! Have we crossed the tipping point where people will buy EV’s regardless of there being a rebate or not? I’m thinking yes…