Four-Digit Number Of Tesla Model 3s Arrive In Europe

FEB 6 2019 BY MARK KANE 28

It started. Thousands of Model 3 are in Europe

The first volume deliveries of the Tesla Model 3 in Europe is happening right now. Tesla enthusiasts tracked the Glovis Captain cargo ship, which arrived at the port of Zeebrugge in Belgium.

The ship was full of Teslas and according to reports, some 1,400 Model 3 and 350 Model S were unloaded.

Tesla intends to start customer deliveries in Europe this month. Thousands of customers wait for their cars (Long Range, AWD and Performance versions), while thousands more wait to be able to place orders for Medium or Standard battery versions.

It’s anticipated that Tesla will be shipping to Europe some 3,000 Model 3 per week.


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The beatst arrived at #zeebruggeport #teslamodel3 #gloviscaptain #tesla

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In disappointing news for many Tesla bears who’s predictions are now dashed, none of these cars seemed to need to be pushed out of the ship having had their batteries die en route. /s

In the Netherlands the Tesla Model 3 is already at number 13 in the Top 20 with no sign of the Model S or X.

1750 cars on board is pretty much bang in the middle of most of the (serious) guestimates. People were throwing wild figures out there of 5000, but in reality the highest sensible guess was about 2500, with 2000 being more realistic. That would need to drop a bit because of the Model S’s being heavier, so 1750 seems like its about right.

Disappointing to those expecting more, but not to anyone who actually thought about it.

In reality, it doesn’t really matter in the long term how many there were on this shipment anyway, as there are several more ships following behind, and more to follow. If your car wasn’t on this ship, then it only means your delivery is delayed by a week or so, which is hardly going to worry anyone whose been waiting three years for this car.

A 2nd and 3rd ship are supposedly already on route…

Indeed they are. The next one is about a week behind, if I’m not mistaken. There’s also at least one on its way to China as well. I’ve lost track of them after that – after the first four ships got loaded, the twitter excitement died down. Funny how new things become routine really quickly, isn’t it?

actually a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th are on the way while the 5th (glovis courage) is slated to dock on the 8th in SF.

Glovis Captain, Glovis Cosmos, Grand Aurora, CsCC Europ , Glovis Courage

And morning cindy on way to Shangai

Glovis Symphony is also heading to Shanghai.

Holy cow, 7 boats including the two headed to China listed in other responses to this. That’s like ~20k Model 3 and ~1k Model S/X. That’s somewhere in the neighborhood of $1.2 Billion in sales! And they’re just getting started. 😉

Supposedly they have been making around 6,000/week on average, so that is right in line with January production.

” which is hardly going to worry anyone whose been waiting three years for this car”

Haha. I had the experience of being around 1st day reservation holders incessantly checking their email and Tesla accounts for word from Tesla about VIN assignments and delivery dates. The closer it got to their delivery the higher the anticipation.

Yes in the long term a week or month doesn’t really matter. But for some those last few weeks and days are interesting.

Rasmus Birkegaard Christensen

Waiting is killing me 😂😂

Rasmus, its worth the wait. I waited 2 1/2 years.

My Model 3 is such a paradigm shift in automotive technology, the smile has not left my face for three months. If you are having a bad day, just go drive your 3 until somebody with a BMW M, AMG Mercedes, Jaguar F Type R or even a Porsche 911 challenges you. After you educate them on just how mind blowing 100% torque from zero rpm is, relish in the thought that your car is also environmentally responsible, seats 5 adults and has two large, useful stowage areas.

The car is beautiful. I thank Hans each day I look at my car from every angle. Recently, a BMW 5 Series was parked at the curb behind my AWD 3. Ironically, a Mercedes C Class was in front. The Tesla makes those traditional “three box” sedans with gaping front grilles that ruin aerodynamics just look so 20th century.

You are in for a great motoring joy.

Thousands????? 1,4 thousand is not ”thousands”… pump up!

Perhaps English is a second language to you? Any amount over 1000 is “thousands”. 1001 is a number in the thousands.

I would say “in the thousands” is different from “thousands”

1400 cars or as Toyota calls it… a 60 minutes shift of production

From how many Toyota auto assembly plants, worldwide? Tesla has just one, but it’s working on that limitation!

Rasmus Birkegaard Christensen

Soon to be weekly shift if they don’t up their game.

And how long does it take Toyota to make 1400 EVs?

10 years?

LMAO at serial anti-Tesla shorter Mark Baum.

Yes Coyota makes a lot of ICE while Tesla is leading the world in compelling BEV production with their 1/100 of resources that Coyota has.

Funny thing is, as long as Coyota insists that fool cells are the future and refused to make compelling BEVs, the more of a headstart in compelling BEVs that Tesla gets from Coyota.

Your points are fine, but as long as you insist on using terms like ‘Coyota’ and ‘Fool cells’, you will never make your argument convincing.

Back in the 1990s, I used to do the same; I used to mock Microsoft by calling them Micro$oft. See what I did there, with the dollar sign? Clever eh? Uh, no it isn’t actually.

Rise above the petty mockery, because you don’t need it if your point is valid.

Both sides in the Tesla debate seem to be doing this a lot, but it’s much more prevalent with the bears. For my money, this is one of the biggest signs that the Tesla shorts really don’t have much in the way of convincing arguments left: if you follow any of their threads on twitter, it’s hard to get through five tweets without someone referring to ‘Elron Musk’ or some such pettiness. It absolutely destroys their credibility as a group, particularly because their biggest names as among the worst offenders.

The number of cars in the boat is irrelevant, Tesla will sell several boatloads of those. It’s insane to assume Tesla is not going to sell several shipments to Europe and China.

I’m waiting for a picture of the cars lined up at the dock with the caption, -“Unsold Tesla inventory piles up in Europe” 🙂

As soon as the Leningrad trolls are done spinning the STU address!

Are we sure that the Glovis Captain was fully unloaded? It’s now on it’s way to Bremen, Germany, a lot closer to all those customers in Norway ;).

Another Euro point of view

As Europeans we are now so releaved that Elon Musk came and saved us with his EUR 55’000/USD 65’000 mass market car. I have not a single doubt that huge Euro crowds will sell their houses in a blink of an eye to be able to buy this car 🙂 🙂