Tesla Model 3 Was 5th Best-Selling Sedan In U.S. Last Month

Tesla Model 3


The Model 3 continues to chart with mainstream sedans in December.

The Tesla Model 3 is often to be compared to its competitors in the luxury sedan or plug-in market. However, in the 2nd half of 2018, the best selling plug-in vehicle left its EV and luxury competition far behind. In September, the best selling electric sedan was even able to slip by the Corolla with an estimated 22,250 deliveries.

A strong end to 2018 continued an impressive showing for the Model 3. Based on December sales numbers reported by GoodCarBadCar, the Model 3 once again cracked into the top 5 of passenger car sales with an estimated 25,250 deliveries. In the broader car market, the sedan placed well ahead of Nissan’s Sentra (17,567) and Altima (17,064). In fact, deliveries nearly matched the Corolla’s 25,439 units.

For the 12 months of 2018, the Model 3 placed 11th place, just below the Chevy Cruze. Production issues held back Model 3 sales in the first half of the year.

Looking into 2019, it is likely that U.S. Model 3 deliveries will be softer over the next few months. Unfortunately, first quarter sales are weak for plug-in vehicles compared with Q4. Additionally, a significant portion of Model 3 production will be slated for deliveries outside of North America. The federal tax credit has also been reduced for Tesla buyers to a maximum of $3750.

Despite these issues, Model 3 demand will remain strong this year. U.S. deliveries in 2019 will very likely exceed 2018 numbers. Many reservation holders are still holding out for their Model 3 of choice. The short range model will launch in the coming months. This lower priced vehicle should greatly expand demand and affordability. In addition, Tesla has reduced the price of their entire lineup by $2,000 to offset the reduction of the federal tax credit.

It will be exciting to watch as the Tesla Model 3 extends deliveries into additional markets in 2019.

Tesla Model 3 5th bestselling sedan in US

Source: GoodCarBadCar

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If Tesla could maintain an average production of 7000 model 3’s a week, and sell then all in USA market, then they could come top of the list.

Yep, they still topped the list in revenue. All of the top four sells in the mid-twenties. The Model 3 has been 50K + for two quarters now. The other companies have also shown a profit margin of around 10%, while Model 3 has been closer to 20%. That will go down when the 35K models start selling but then the volume goes up as well. I bet any manufacturer in the land would trade positions. They will reach a sustainable 7000 per week sometime this year. People forget manufacturing is hard. Process control is harder. Every day they learn and get better.

You are mixing net margin apples and gross margin oranges.

I think they are already at a sustainable 6k per week, however, if they reach 7k/wk and ship 3k/wk to Europe, I don’t think the average will be much more than 4k/wk in the US. Until cheaper Model 3 comes out. Then mix will either shift back to US or they will increase production beyond 7k/wk. I suspect cheaper Model 3 will ship July to boost 2nd half numbers vs 2018 and still have sales growth.

If wishes were horses then beggars would ride.

$35000 + 1000 – 1850 in June.

+$1000? Must be for the delivery fee. But you are forgetting the +$5000 for PUP.

Destination is $1200 so Tesla will bill you $41,200 for a black on black SR Model 3 with the forced $5K PUP…

With international shipments starting, Its march up the sales ranks in the US will stall.
Should also publish global sales of sedans for comparison

Is this going to be the BEST month ever for Model 3 in the US with end of year rush?

Let us hope not.