Tesla Interested In Purchasing Massive Plot Of Land In Oakland


Tesla is one of at least two organizations that have voiced interest in a large piece of land, which is currently home to the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk sent a letter of interest to Oakland city officials saying that the automaker is interested in the 130-acre site. Oakland City Hall also received a request from real estate investor Mark Hall, who hopes to use the property in part of a United Soccer League expansion project.

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Tesla Fremont factory, red Model SOakland Mayor Libby Schaaf plans to work a deal with the Oakland A’s to build a new ballpark in the area. This could mean that neither of the above would be able to partake. However, Hall’s plan would use a portion of the property and leave the rest for the A’s new ballpark. We’re not entirely sure if Tesla would also agree to such a plan.

Hall has already offered $85 million for a portion of the land. Additionally, the city and county are $136 million in debt on the current Coliseum and Oracle Arena. To make his offer even more appealing, Hall has committed to matching the team’s offer to pay off the debt in the event that the A’s choose to move their new stadium elsewhere.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported:

He’s pitching a plan for a 44-acre mega-sports and recreation center on the Coliseum site that would include a stadium for his team and sports fields. He would use Oracle Arena, which the Warriors are about to vacate, for concerts, pro lacrosse games and foosball competitions. (Yes, foosball, the arcade game when little players on hand-manipulated metal rods kick a ball up and down the table.)

The rest of the property would go to the A’s for their new ballpark.

Tesla’s Fremont factory is only 24 miles from the Oakland Coliseum, making this an advantageous location in the company’s continuing expansion efforts in the San Francisco Bay Area. No official word was given as to what Tesla might use the site for. It appears the Musk’s offer will have to be highly impressive in order to outdo Hall or sway the mayor to give consideration.

Sources: San Franciso Chronicle, Curbed San Francisco, *lead image via Google Maps

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Nope, can’t see Musk paying that much. Probably makes more sense to build Model Y and Tesla Trucks in Nevada beside the Gigafactory, or if he wants to be closer to the Fremont factory, somewhere near highway 680 just east of Fremont. I’m sure land would be cheaper there and more convenient to get to.

I can’t think of any reason Musk would be interested in the Oakland property at all.

I can think of a potential use: A Teslaquilla destillery. The stadium can be transformed into a gigantic destillation apparatus.
Jugding from press releases of majaor car manufacturers world wide, Teslaquilla (or so) will bring huge revenue.
But seriously, high priced land with unusable property on it, will probably not really be interesting. Unless, they want to use the stadium as a gigantic Model 3 delivery center. With amusement park and roller coaster.

tesla paid 30 million to LEASE (not buy) a 3 acre property.


You think they won’t pay over 85 million for a 131 acre property?

Not to mention manufacturing jobs have the highest job multipliers.

“Only 24 miles away” from Tesla’s Fremont plant? That’s not exactly close! Surely there was something else there that attracted Tesla’s attention.

Well…it is across the street from a DMV location…

There is direct rail access from Tesla factory to that place. There also seems to be water access and DMV near by too.

Unless Musk intends to bore a tunnel between Fremont and Oakland, that 24 miles often takes 48 minutes due to traffic. Rail connection would be the more likely draw.

It’s also rather close to the Port of Oakland.

24 miles by tunnel seems pretty close =P

There is plenty of land between Fremont and Livermore for expansion.