Tesla Increases Price Of Autopilot For After-Delivery Purchases

NOV 2 2018 BY MARK KANE 47

After-delivery purchases come at a $2,000 premium.

Tesla‘s Enhanced Autopilot package costs $5,000 (no change here) while ordering a new car (all models), but the company decided to increase the price when purchasing the package after-delivery through an over-the-air update – from $6,000 to $7,000.

The change means that it will cost $2,000 more to add the Autopilot package after-the-fact, compared to $1,000 previously, which is a lot. The first thought is that new features (like Navigate on Autopilot) and others that still need to be announced and released will represent a higher value.

It’s expected that current customers still will be honored to pay just $1,000 more ($6,000 total), but the new buyers not only will pay $2,000 after delivery, but are warned that the price could change again: “After delivery prices are subject to change.”

Enhanced Autopilot

With Enhanced Autopilot your car will steer, accelerate and brake for you within almost any traffic lane! It will also automatically change lanes on most highways to overtake other cars or navigate to interchanges and exits. And with regular over-the-air software updates, you’ll always have access to our most advanced features and functionality.

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I took delivery of my Model 3 in January without Autopilot and Enhanced Autopilot now costs $7000 and Full Self Driving is $5000.
For my 2015 Model S, I don’t even see the option for Auto Pilot any more. It used to be $2500, then increased to $3000 and is now no longer on my Model S page as an option.

Same here, autopilot option for my 85D 2015 is gone 2

This how they are trying to get their margin up. Making a SR M3 with Premium interior a 45K car if you want the toys. Once self driving arrives the cars without autopilot in the used are going to drop in value 5k-7k because they don’t have autopilot.

Such erratic price changing has been so frustrating as a former reservation holder of M3. As a car buyer who has to budget finances, these bump ups and downs of $1000s make a big difference in timing of purchase. In a way, Tesla pricing is more difficult to deal with than haggling for other brands at dealerships, since you have no control over it. I finally gave up and got a plug-in. Still waiting to get my $1000 back.

You are so missing out. Best car I’ve ever owned by far!

I assume the car you bought does not offer Autopilot functionality, or any other functionality after purchase as does Tesla?

I also assume the car you purchased will never improve?

My Model 3 purchased in July has already added blind spot monitoring, Navigate on Autopilot and dash cam functionality.

, i know exactly what i am missing out. But I also saved $20k to $23k (depending in which day!) compared to MRM3! My ACC and LKAS gives me majority of EAP benefits.

I think you went for the smart move.

Tesla Can Charge Whatever They Until People Stop Buying !

Pretty annoying for those of us that live in rural locations where there is basically zero application for autopilot at this point. I’m not paying $5k now for some theoretical ability in the future!! Once you have it working, than I’ll fork over the money (unless you do ridiculous price gouging like charging additional 2k later… I just won’t buy it then and you’ll get zero margin!)

If you don’t have any application for autopilot, why are you griping? Don’t buy it. It, and whatever price changes occur in the future, mean nothing to you. Or were you just stating the obvious to the interwebs?

William, they have projected much more abilities for the car which would be useful to me (eg driving on secondary single lane highways). So yes it should be useful to me in future in theory. Hence my gripe on pricing – they are trying to scare people into buying it by saying the price will be much higher later. I love a lot of what Tesla does and have settled on one to replace my Leaf, but this type of pricing policy is not helpful to them.

(Similar to Nissan driving up replacement battery costs, hoping I’ll buy a new Leaf… it is having the opposite effect, driving me away from the brand, even though I have loved my Leaf otherwise!)

They haven’t said that enhanced autopilot will ever be useful for secondary single-lane highways. The last promised feature for that already shipped (onramp to offramp) and automatic lane changes are the only thing coming on the horizon for it.

Full self driving has similarly been taken off the store and won’t be sold until functionality comes for that.

Autopilot does work on secondary single lane highways. I used it quite extensively this afternoon on my 365 mile drive back home from an out of town business trip.

Yup, not gonna pay for the chance that the car might stupidly slam into a concrete barrier or fire truck.
Not gonna pay to be the Pilot of the Autopilot of the car either. It is free for me to be the Pilot of the car.
You get it right, then we’ll talk $$.
At some point, they’ll have to evaluate the revenue from few suckers willing to get gouged vs being more reasonable. After all, all cars have the HW whether Autopilot is paid for or not. So it is a sunk cost.

Learn statistics. Cars with Autopilot have accidents way less frequently, so it is safer.

Or people buying autopilot drives safer? Learn the idea of causality…..

BS !

No price gouging.

Free market.

Take it or leave it.

At least a dozen of other car brands to choose from.

I used it during their free trial period recently. I thought was cool. But it wasn’t worth $5,000 to upgrade to it. I mean, if you use it the way it is legally intended to be used, it really isn’t all that useful. I have to do all the work anyway. So what’s the point?

I totally agree. I had the same feeling during the free trial.

Completely agree. At $5000 I didn’t think it was worth it. At $6,000 even less. AT $7000, absolutely not. I had a 2018 Nissan with ProPilot until I sold it when my Model 3 arrived. During the trial period, I was thinking: It’s better in some ways, but for sure not $5000 better. Maybe it was good that the Nissan got me past the novelty and saved me $5000-$7000.

To each his own I suppose, and I must disagree with your sentiment. I find Autopilot to be very cool, and also very helpful on my long drives. I’m not doing all the work, I’m simply monitoring the work the car is doing so I can take over if necessary. Big difference IMO, but again to each his own.

It’s A Show 0ff* Look At Me* Gimmick . ……….Sit Down S*U* & Drive !

At this point I’d consider the price negotiable. Tesla has to decide if they want to recuperate the investment in AP or the hardware they put in your car.

Look at that, a month-long free trial and a $5,500 offer. Tesla has decided 🙂
Still, $500 for flipping the enable bit seems steep, but not as steep as the $2k.

It wasn’t worth it to me at $5000. Definitely not worth it at $7000.

It’s not worth .50cents to me !…Lane Keep* & Adaptive Cruise Control* is all you need for Hi Way Driving..

I think more people would be inclined to buy this feature if they could take it with them. Meaning, if I paid $5k for autopilot for a Model 3, then sell the Model 3 five years later, I should be able to move transfer the Autopilot to my new Model 3.

Also, to boost sales, Tesla should offer a “Cyber Monday” or some kind of 1 day only sale of (I don’t know) $2500 for AP.

Don’t give them any ideas, making it a subscription service is very tempting.

If it was $15/mo I’d probably subscribe to it.

Interesting ideas – I could see both of those happening. As to the Cyber Monday thing, it’s not really any different than what we have seen from traditional car makers from one week to the next. Rebates, end of quarter deals, 4th of July sales, you name it. Tesla just markets them all directly w/o dealer middle-men.

Great Point !

So it asks you if you want to change lanes and it’s supposed to be worth more, wow. I still see it as a high price to pay for something that’s gonna be randomly braking and nearly giving you a heart attack.

LOL, true

The random braking I observed during the trial period what what finally killed the deal for me.

Autopilot is extremely useful, especially on longer trips. Is it worth $5000, arguable; $7000, probably not. But you should still buy it if you want to sell it in 8 years, the resale value would still be around $5000, this is the part that won’t depreciate because of continuing OTA improvements.

If my car has 150,000 miles and is worth $8000, I doubt that AutoPilot will get me $5000.

I agree it becomes more critical for resale, but no way does it not depreciate. Heck, just the fact that we see AP 1.0, 2.0 and 2.5 cars out and Elon has already talked about 3.0 for next year results in depreciation. Are cars w/o EAP less desirable for future buyer? Yep. However, folks buying used are generally a lot more price-sensitive (even at high price points), and they will weight EAP against other feature they might want at the same price point – or just buy in at a cheaper point. I did this very thing when I picked up my CPO P85+ a couple of years ago. I strongly considered a more decontented EAP car over my loaded P85+, but for our use case (my wife and I both work from home), I knew I would (as a car guy) appreciate the power and other features of the P85+ over EAP. No regrets 2 years later. Regardless, in all cases the cars were depreciating rapidly as all cars in the luxury segment do. Heck, at 5 years old, my car is still depreciating substantially in terms of real dollars every month.

Unless they drop the feature price to something significantly less

Problem is having to have the full Autopilot just to get normal safety features like blind spot monitoring….

Blind Spot Monitoring is included standard with the M3. It’s a poor implementation since it’s doesn’t beep when you hit your blinker and someone is in the blind spot. But, it’s definetly included without buying autopilot.

TACC, which I consider a safety feature, is a different story….

Tesla needs to get smarter about volume sales for recovering development costs. Lower it to 2K (and provide an option for TACC for $500, which I thought was quite good (and it’s free on most Toyotas)) and then it becomes a “no brainer” for everybody to add on……

Otherwise, they are just shipping LOTS of self driving hardware for free….. do that math Elon

EAP take rate is very high. Something like 80-90%. They’d need a take rate >200% to get the same revenue at $2000.

Take rate seems to be lower for MR and will probably be much lower for SR. That’s when they’ll have to do some serious thinking.

That’s fine I’ll just skip it until I buy my next Tesla.

Autopilot pricing will become more obnoxious as Tesla’s offerings expand. It will be a turn-off for someone spending $35k on a base Model 3 to drop $7k on autopilot, but that’s not a huge deal for someone who spent $140k on a P100D Model X. On the other hand, you alienate the Model X customer if you charge him more than the Model 3 customer for no good reason.

They need to make up for the cancelled FSD option.