Tesla Hosts “Introduce A Girl To Engineering” At Multiple Sites

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Amid all the skewed media coverage of Tesla these days, it’s worth highlighting some of the positive things the company is doing for the communities in which it operates.

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Above: Having fun in front of Tesla’s factory in Fremont California (Twitter: Tesla)

In February, Tesla hosted about 200 students at eight of its facilities around the US for an event called Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day (as reported by Electrek). Some 80 Tesla employees volunteered to lead the events, which were held at the Tesla Gigafactory and Fremont factory, as well as locations in Livermore, Los Angeles, San Diego and Las Vegas.

In Nevada, the non-profit group Envirolution partnered with Tesla to bring a group of young ladies to Gigafactory 1 for a look at the automaker’s operations and some hands-on exercises designed to expose the students to basic engineering concepts.

Above: Girls gather at Tesla’s Gigafactory in Sparks Nevada (Twitter: Tesla)

Tesla employees led the students in projects designed to demonstrate the different fields of engineering: civil, electrical and mechanical. The girls built suspension bridges out of paper, fashioned simple motors from batteries and wire, and even built a tiny balloon-propelled car.

Sixth-grader Jacqueline Cerillo seems to have absorbed some of the Silicon Valley mentality: “You have to see your failures,” she said. “On the first project, our bridge fell, but on the second, we got better.”

Above: A look at Tesla’s recent initiative (Youtube: KTVN Channel 2 News)

Local TV station KTVN noted that women in Nevada represent only 20% of engineering degrees, and 14% of working engineers. Tesla, which has committed to invest $37 million in education in Nevada, hopes to increase those figures.

“With females making up only a fraction of the engineering workforce in the U.S., Tesla is committed to increasing female students’ exposure to manufacturing and engineering.”


Written by: Charles Morris; Source: ElectrekKTVN Channel 2 NewsTesla

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I don’t think these programs actually work. Female CS majors used to hover about 30% 30 years ago, now they hover under 20%, despite all the promotion for STEM for females. If anything, these kinds of promotions might be having negative effect. Case in point, India, supposedly patriarchy society, has far higher percentage of female engineers than much more equality Scandinavian countries.

I’m all for more brain power in engineering males and females, but ineffective “feel good” things that might be counterproductive isn’t good.

Why are many programmers still single? Hiring practice.
There should be a male nerd revolt. Get more women on the job.

People like you are the reason, women do not want to hang out with “nerds”. Women do not go to work just to be a mating-object for single men.

Actually he is right. In the UK we get a lot of female engineering students from India. Also for where I work we have be including women in all of our recruitment campaigns for engineer apprentices and the female rate never breaks 4%.

Western women just don’t want to fix aircraft or take on other Engineering roles.

There is still a lot of harassment in the STEM fields, unfortunately. That would be a serious consideration for most women.

If “mating-object for single men” is the reason for lack of females, you’d think there’d be lot more females in CS today compared to 30 years ago when the problem was worse or places like India where women are far more harassed. Look at the evidence, not just feelings.

I fear all the extra attention given to girls is actually having negative impact by implicitly telling them that they are inferior to boys. There’s zero hoopla about “Introduce a Boy to Engineering”.

That’s because men are already expected to be engineers. Everybody knows that.

Allowing girls and young women to experience the awe and wonder of engineering without their male peers all around them can make a very big difference. It’s shocking how, from a very young age, children pick up on social mores and imitate them.

Sadly, some recent studies have strongly suggested that, if not encouraged by the 3rd grade, there is little hope of turning those girls’ minds toward STEM as they grow older. Culture is that strong and that insidious.

Hmmmm…. but that same culture has made the human race as successful as it has become. As a (straight) man, I really wouldn’t relish the idea of cuddling up with a ripped female partner whose fingernails are engrained with muck and who permanently stinks of engine oil. We are meddling with our ability to reproduce with all this political correctness – some may, of course, argue that that is not a bad thing! Perhaps it’s Nature at work suppressing our propensity to propagate for the benefit of the planet?

@BoltEV: I’m not aware of those stats. Are you sure of it? I do know that the % of women in STEM fields has overall improved, but I have to go back and find the numbers to say exactly how much.

In related news, as of 2017, there were more women than men in med school (in the US). I’ll have to double-check that number, but I saw it from a respectable source.

That’s Great.
Maybe they should use a multipronged approach and consider introducing engineers to girls.

Diversity is strength.

A well made sandwich gives me strength.

Diversity in thought and capabilities is strength. Implying that all women are the same and that gender is diversity is sexist nonsense.