Tesla Working ‘Round The Clock To Deliver Cars Before Tax Credit Drops


Get in on the full tax credit while it lasts

The Tesla end-of-year sales push is now truly on.

Several times now, Tesla or Elon Musk has called attention to the fact that the full $7,500 tax credit for Teslas is soon to enter the phaseout stage. However, now we’ve got an official announcement straight from the automaker.

The difference here is that it’s a well-detailed explanation of the situation, the sales push (mainly applicable to the Tesla Model 3) and how it all works out. For example:

  • To help ensure vehicles are available, we’ve released all our fleet vehicles – like those used for test drives – and vehicles where the original customer can’t take delivery by the end of the year.

Grab a read in the full blog post from Tesla below:

Full $7,500 Federal EV Tax Credit Expires in Under Two Weeks

The full $7,500 federal tax credit for Tesla customers ends in less than two weeks, and we’re doing everything we can to try to ensure those who order a vehicle today can take delivery by December 31st and take advantage of the savings. To help ensure vehicles are available, we’ve released all our fleet vehicles – like those used for test drives – and vehicles where the original customer can’t take delivery by the end of the year. Our mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy – and to do that, we need to get as many electric vehicles on the road as quickly as possible, which is why we are working around the clock to meet demand before the end of the year.

In addition to the $7,500 tax credit, a number of states offer other electric vehicle incentives for customers. These, combined with the reduced costs of charging your Tesla versus paying for gasoline and a lower overall cost of ownership, result in significant savings for customers and mean our vehicles are even more affordable than some may realize. For example, after factoring in estimated gas savings and government incentives, the effective price of a new Model 3 mid-range Rear Wheel Drive in California is $31,700. In addition to the federal EV tax credit, here are some other state and local/utility incentives you may not be aware of:

California offers a $2,500 state rebate, and PG&E offers an additional $800 rebate for applications submitted on or after January 1, 2019.

Connecticut customers are eligible for a $2,000 rebate for new Model 3 RWD vehicles, as well as exemption from state emissions testing and a reduced vehicle registration fee.

Massachusetts offers rebates up to $2,500 for new EV purchases.

New York offers rebates up to $2,000.

Colorado offers tax credits up to $5,000.

Pennsylvania offers rebates up to $1,750.

For the list of available state and local incentives and qualifications, visit https://www.tesla.com/support/incentives. To order a car online and take delivery by the end of the year, go to www.tesla.com or visit your nearest Tesla store for more information. You can order knowing that if you purchase a car without taking a test drive, you have three days to return it for a full refund.

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Bring a good Lease and you will see even more TM3’s spoken for.

They are selling every one they make at this point.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

With the ease of sales, hopefully I’ll be moved to the bottom of their list so they won’t call me every couple of weeks wanting to give me exciting news about my reservation.

It’s amazing how many serial Tesla bashers have imaginary Model 3 reservations. I think it’s even more than the number which own and drive imaginary Tesla cars! 😉

Do Not Read Between The Lines

It’s amazing how many Tesla fanbois can’t deal with the idea that you can be a Tesla reservation holder and not be a fanboi.
I’ve had my reservation since about 2 minute after they opened up online (because I got distracted and missed it opening up)
When they allowed you to indicate your preference, I selected Standard Range.
When design opened up for me, I selected that I was waiting for Standard Range.
When they added the Base option in the wait, I selected Standard Range. (I’d get the PUP because heated mirrors)
When somebody called me from the Las Vegas location I told them I was waiting for the Standard Range version.
I’ve had many emails, and 4 other calls, one 2 weeks ago that I answered.
(The phone calls I don’t answer result in rapid, barely-intelligible answering machine messages.)
Maybe the reason so many people have trouble getting through to Tesla is that they have employees busy on pointless phone calls.
Fortunately, they’ll have given up now that it’s so close to end 2018Q4.

People sometimes change their minds. They are calling you to see if you have changed your mind about the standard range and might want the midrange instead. If you don’t just say no, or don’t answer your phone. Personally I can’t understand why you wouldn’t have bought the midrange with the full tax credit vs waiting for the standard range with half or 1/4 tax credit next year. Midrange now seems like a no brainer to me (as long as your tax liability is sufficient) but to each his own.

Either way, your whining that Tesla is calling you seems like, well, whining.

Still requires a large loan. You get the tax credit on your tax return after.

Gosh yes, I’m sure that’s why you have become a serial Tesla basher here on InsideEVs: To let us know just how much you’re looking forward to getting a Tesla car. 🙄

It’s amazing how much bull pucky some serial Tesla bashers think everyone will swallow. Apparently y’all think we are idiots.

So you are doing all this whining because you are ignorant of how to set your “Communication Preferences” on a website???

Go find any 10 year old, and in less time than it took you to post your whining, they can set your “Communication Preferences” so they will never contact you.

Unless of course you don’t actually have a reservation so you can’t set preferences on something you don’t have, and will instead continue to complain…

There is no lease business with Model-3, all sold.

The Tesla Delivery Center next door here in Fremont has been working day and night, even in Sundays until quite late at night (I noticed it open last Sunday around 8PM).

The one in Charlotte has been like that since August.

The two times I visited the Charlotte center trucks were unloading both times. Seeing the center parking full to capacity of shiny new Teslas is a beautiful sight. I just had to stand amongst them all and take a pano pic. West coast might have become used to that image, but here on the east coast, it is still breathtaking.

As I understand it, there aren’t that many Tesla delivery centers. Are they all in California? With the end-of-year push, during which Tesla tends to make an even bigger push than the usual end-of-quarter push, I’d think they would run the delivery center 24/7 if they could get customers to come in during the wee hours!

I think almost all sales centers are also delivery centers, but I’m not certain. Also, I don’t know if separate service centers can handle deliveries, as well.

In Atlanta (not sure about elsewhere) the service centers double as delivery centers. No deliveries take place at sales centers.

I’m sure that will come as a great surprise to everyone who works at a Tesla store, as well as every Tesla car buyer who has taken delivery at one. 😛

Where deliveries do not happen is at Tesla Showrooms in States where direct sales are banned by State law.

“Where deliveries do not happen ….”

Incorrect. The store near me in TX does deliveries right next to the showroom.

The sale does not occur at the store, but the delivery certainly does.

Yes, both Tesla stores and Tesla service centers are used as places where Tesla deliveries happen. But I’m talking about Tesla’s purpose-built Delivery Centers (see article linked below). Not many of those, as I understand it. I think Tesla should build a lot more to deal with the volume of TM3 deliveries. However, odd as it seems, Elon once again failed to call me up and ask for my advice on how to run the company. 😉


Can’t wait to see the final count for December. History has shown 8,000 Model S/X combined for December. 10,000 fleet Teslas out there for sale or at least half of that in the US. Do they produce 7,000 Model 3/week for the last two weeks? Does the Toyota Corolla get passed again for 4th sedan position in US sales? Maybe the third position or higher? Exciting times.

I would not be surprised if Tesla will cut the price by $3750 for anyone that they promised would get it, and then don’t because of Tesla’s failure to deliver on time (not due to customer delays).

I think that would be the smart thing to do. Better than returning $3500 deposit and reservation fee and not delivering the car at all.

Exactly – get the sale!

This is an interesting event and come 2019-01-01, we will see how an electric vehicle sells with just $3,750 fed rebate. Whether Tesla will reduce their price a little bit or continue with the same price.

They have also started selling vehicles from GF-1

Perhaps they’ll keep the price the same, but include basic autopilot for no additional cost.

Keep in mind Model 3s still cost more to make than $35k, so they need to become more profitable before they can offer discounts

Not true.

I don’t think any of us know what it would cost Tesla to build a base Model 3 next month. But my money would be on slightly less than $35k. And that every month that cost declines slightly. I think they could sell a base Model 3 at $35k and make a profit, but it wouldn’t be as high a percentage of profit as they are making on the S, X or on the upgraded 3’s they are selling today.
So I guess I can see the argument, “why sell the 3 now?” Wait until March or April when the profit will be closer to what they are getting on the other cars they are selling.
But I agree on one thing, there will come a time, and soon, when Tesla will have to sh** or get off the pot. They need to sell the base 3 next year and sooner rather than later.

Musk said 38k in October. He’s famous for optimistic numbers, so it’s almost certainly higher.

Costs don’t magically decline every month. Some are going up. They believe the new battery pack design and assembly machines will reduce cost enough to make SR viable in late Q1. Expect premium to still be mandatory. Maybe semi-premium, at 38-39k.