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ChargePoint CEO Says Gas Stations Aren’t A Model For EV Charging

ChargePoint CEO Pasquale Romano shared his thoughts this Summer on why the gas station business model doesn’t fit with the future of electric cars. The EV charging infrastructure of today is far from perfect, but the electrification of gas stations, or following their model for plug-in vehicles is not the solution. Stats: ChargePoint doubled…

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ChargePoint Expands Its European Charging Network

ChargePoint has recently introduced solutions for every charging need in Europe – the second-largest global EV market, using a $125 million Series G investment from Siemens and Daimler. These solutions include charging stations for home, work, around town, and long distance travel. While the DC chargers in play for Europe…

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Chargepoint Will Now Manage GE’s Charging Network

Don’t expect any major changes, though. ChargePoint already has the largest network of charging stations, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to slow down. Today, the company is announcing that it is taking over the management of all of General Electric’s private and public chargers (as GE is quietly exiting…

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ChargePoint Roadmap For EV Charging: 80% Home/Work, 20% Public

ChargePoint, now having data from nearly 25 million charging sessions, envisions that charging needs will divide into two categories – around 80% of charging will take place in home and work, while Another 20% will be at public sites (parking lots, street-side or fast charging stations). We think given the company’s roots…

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ChargePoint Adds Former GM CEO Rick Wagoner To Its Board

ChargePoint has appointed former General Motors CEO, and the man who green-lite the Chevrolet Volt, Rick Wagoner to its Board of Directors. The largest charging network provider is currently approaching 25 million charging sessions and some 200 GWh of energy dispensed, via about 34,000 charging stations (including 500 DC fast chargers)….

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Daimler Invests In ChargePoint For Expansion Into Europe

ChargePoint has raised $82 million to support the expansion of the company’s charging network into Europe. The latest investment round was led by Daimler, but existing investors (BMW i Ventures, Linse Capital, Rho Capital Partners, and Braemar Energy Ventures) also participated. Since its founding, ChargePoint has raised $255 million. According…

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