Polestar and ChargePoint are partnering up in an effort to improve the charging experience for Polestar 2 customers. The collaboration extends from the in-car experience and into the garage where daily charging occurs.

Inside the Polestar 2, drivers will find a ChargePoint charging app embedded directly into the Polestar 2's infotainment system. That's possible because the Polestar 2 will come standard with Google’s Android Automotive Infotainment System.

Additionally, Polestar customers will be able to bundle the cost of the ChargePoint Home Flex, a 50-amp WiFi-connected smart charger into the purchase price of the vehicle at the point of sale or lease.  

The ChargePoint Home Flex costs $699 and it was selected as InsideEVs top choice for residential smart chargers in our 2020 EV Chargers Buyers Guide

Gallery: Polestar and ChargePoint Partnership

From the Press release: 

"The new ChargePoint app for the Polestar 2 eliminates the need to pull out your smartphone, RFID card, or other method to charge your EV. The Polestar 2 revolutionizes the in-car experience thanks to the world debut of Google’s Android Automotive Infotainment System (OS) and the collaboration between Polestar and ChargePoint takes this to the next level via seamless integration of the ChargePoint app.

The ChargePoint app, available later this week in Google Play, embeds directly into the Polestar 2 infotainment system. The app provides an easy way for drivers to find and navigate to available stations, start a charging session from the vehicle and pay if required, all via the center screen in the Polestar 2."

While having the ChargePoint app embedded into the vehicle is most likely going to help Polestar drivers, in our opinion it's not the only resource they will need. That's because the ChargePoint app doesn't incorporate all EV charging networks into its map.

For example, Electrify America stations are not included in the ChargePoint app's map, and we suspect Polestar drivers would also like to know where those stations are. Therefore, downloading an additional app, like PlugShare or Chargeway will still be recommended. 

Still, we like the fact that OEMs like Chevrolet and now Polestar are making attempts to make EV charging, both at home and on the road, easier for customers. While it's not all that complicated, figuring out charging can be a major pain point for motorists that are new to EVs.

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