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Is This Asphalt Battery Breakthrough Actually Legit?

“Asphalt” chemistry said to speed recharging by 20 X In the electric vehicle world, battery breakthroughs are heralded on the regular, but really, very few of them are even worth their weight in headline space. New chemistries might promise great recharging speed, but lack decent energy density. Some promise terrific…

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Hyundai Begins Small-Scale Production Of Solid -State Batteries

Hyundai, like several other automakers, thinks that solid-state technology is the key to our battery-driven future. In fact, Korea Herald has learned that Hyundai is actively developing the tech for next-generation electric cars and even reportedly has its own small-scale production facility where presumably solid-state batteries are trickling down the…

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Tesla Model 3

Tesla More Than Doubles Lithium-Ion Battery Life

BETTER BATTERIES: TESLA IMPROVES LITHIUM-ION BATTERY TECHNOLOGY Tesla is not standing still when it comes to improving lithium-ion technology and reducing battery costs. It was recently reported that Tesla’s battery partner, Panasonic, announced that, “We think the existing technology can still extend the energy density of Li-ion batteries by 20%…

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