Subaru Hints At Upcoming 2018 Compliance PHEV

NOV 12 2015 BY MARK KANE 27

Subaru Impreza concept

Subaru Impreza concept

Subaru is trying to solve the problem that every automaker would love to have – growth put them at the point where they sell too many cars.

The Japanese brand would like to save its niche appeal and intends to cap its annual sales target at 1.03 million units (and 1.1 million in the longer term), despite consumers wanting to buy more Subarus.

Fuji Heavy Industries (name of the parent company behind Subaru) also doesn’t bet on the plug-in future.

Yasuyuki Yoshinaga, FHI president said the Subaru will release a plug-in hybrid model in 2018, but only for compliance reasons in the markets (outside of Japan) that require compliance.

There is no confirmation on which model would be offered in a plug-in version.

We are twice as saddened by this news because Subaru was engaged in all-electric cars (Stella EV) in Japan several years ago under a pilot project and in CHAdeMO developments as one of the founders.

Source: Automotive News

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A 4WD 5 seat Subbie would be awesome with a 30AER 40MPG

I remember pining for an R1e back in 2008. A PHEV Legacy or some such would be sweet though.

Maybe that’s the reason why Tesla targets just 500000 Model E. Otherwise they would have to build a compliance ICE model. 😉


If Tesla could take 50,000 to 100,000 in sales from this gas car company selling 1.1 million and take 300,000 to 500,000 from Toyota and Dodge then they could easily max out that Giga Factory.

Bwah ha ha ha ha….

Their sister company Space X made a super size external combustion engine running on fossil fuel so they are kind of compliant already. That is actually a place where renewable hydrogen in an XXL DC-X would make sense (or biogas if they go the methane way).
There was an interesting Beta project some year ago:

Sounds like my Forester will be the last Subaru product I ever own (we live in BC, not a compliance market). Too bad, as I like it otherwise. Owned a Leaf for 1.5 years and would like to get rid of our gasser.

Guess we’ll be trading in our Forester for an Outlander PHEV or Model 3 (if it is a similar CUV version with AWD).

I’ve never owned a Subaru although I always liked them. Subaru’s compliance car tactics mean I’ll never buy a Subaru vehicle. I refuse to financially support any company engaged in compliance car tactics, now or in the future. I don’t care if they eventually make the best BEV on the market. No Plug = No Sale. Compliance tactics = No Sale.

Lack of commitment to sustainability is reason enough for me to ignore their products.

Looks like a KIA or LEAF since Subaru won’t step up to the plate. Wonder if it was Toyota that took the green out of Subie?

It looks this company has been sleeping under a rock or in some type of bunker for the last 30 years.

I think we found our old ICE Car company sacrifice for Tesla and Nissan along with GM.

Me personalty I think any plug in hybrid car would be worthless after 2018 and 2020 with the massive inflow of 200 mile EV’s hitting the road. At least with GM and the Volt they could always swich out the gas engine and gas tank with a giant battery if the pure EV’s start destroying the ice electric cars.

Subaru is owned by…sorry, I should have said, Toyota is a major shareholder of Subaru.

Making sense now, doesn’t it?

Londo Bell. 16.48% is not exactly a major share.

I’d say it is. Anything over 5% triggers reporting requirements.

Yes, that is considered to be a major stakeholder. Well, anyway they certainly are behind the curve it seems. I suppose since they want to sell fewer cars they are going about it the right way. Make cars that fewer people want to buy.

I think Toyota was just as interested in the RE1 EV technology as they were in producing the Camry product line in North American factories when they invested in Subaru.

Here is the Subaru RE1 EV concept that I think Toyota may have been interested in due to the L-ion battery tech.

Subby 4 bangers are so noisey. Shame.

Suburu, you suck. I hope you go out of business along with your pure EV hating buddies Toyota.

Switched my Subaru for a Soul EV. We need compliance rules in more States and Provinces until they get the message

How about they just sell according to market demand? Then you can focus on educating consumers instead of using the force of the state to require manufacturers to crank out products that they can’t sell in sufficient volume to make them profitable.

Even though Subaru doesn’t cater to the light truck market like Nissan & Toyota, at some point they too will have a very tough time meeting CAFE mandated standards while meeting peoples expectations.

Shame to have such little vision of the future.

Subaru is adding direct injection in 2016 and moving to lighter materials for future vehicles (following Mazda’s example). It should carry them over through the next generation. After that, they will probably just pay the penalty of a whopping $55/vehicle/MPG and pass the cost to the customer. CAFE will be ineffective.

Looks like my Outback will be replaced by an Outlander

Subaru RE1 EV concept