PSA Prepares To Produce Electric Motors From 2019

JUN 24 2018 BY MARK KANE 4

PSA Group announced optimisation of its manufacturing base in Europe, including the launch of in-house production of electric motors.

The French manufacturer established a joint venture with Nidec to produce electric motors for electrified cars sold under its Peugeot, Citroen, DS and Opel/Vauxhall brands.

The engine plant in Trémery (France) will be expanded to handle electric motors starting production in 2019.

Groupe PSA and Nidec to set-up a leading joint venture for automotive electric traction motor

“Prepare the Trémery plant (France) to produce electrical motors from 2019 onwards, before acceleration from 2021 onwards, thanks to the joint venture signed with Nidec. They will support the electrification push, as 100% of the Group’s vehicle range will include e an electrified offering by 2025.”

Previously, PSA’s EVs in Europe were sold with powertrains and batteries from Mitsubishi (Peugeot iOn and Partner, as well as Citroen C-ZEro and Berlingo), or GM (in case of Opel Ampera).

Yann Vincent, Executive Vice- President, Manufacturing and Supply Chain, said:

“What will make the difference will be our agility to prepare our manufacturing base to produce components that meet customer needs and respond to the energy shift, creating the conditions for a sustainable future through enhanced performance. PSA Group’s 15 component production plants in Europe, located in France, Germany, Austria, Hungary and Poland, are eager to propose the best quality and performance to our customers.”


Groupe PSA optimizes its manufacturing base in Europe

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Wouldn’t think they’d rate the power output in Horsepower, seeing as all other figures are metric. Assuming the 7 kw charger is 240Y/416 @ 10 amperes, this vehicle must not be planned for sale in the UK where most smaller homes do not have this type of juice easily available.

The current crop of ~7 kW chargers in e.g. Leaf are 240V 30A.

Hp is still widely used in Europe because people are stupid.

Oh how typically French, they stick an underpowered motor/engine into a car to make it frustrating to drive. No thanks. Not in a million years, 115 hp in a heavy car ? WTF, one of the beauties of electric drive is that you can have high performance that costs very little to run.

One reason low power was forced on Europeans was high taxes on fuel, this does not apply to EV.

EV makers need to realise that this one power option for all does not work !!!!

At least Nissan had the good sense to increase the Leaf power from 109 to 150 HP, it makes a big difference !