Porsche To Install 500 DC Fast Chargers In U.S. By End Of 2019

APR 16 2018 BY MARK KANE 22

Porsche hints at charging infrastructure plans for the U.S. – at least 500 DC fast chargers are to be installed by the end of 2019.

First 350 kW DC CCS combo fast chargers at Porsche Berlin-Adlershof (source: Elektroauto im Alltag)

The German manufacturer would like to have the network ready ahead of the introduction of Porsche Mission E.

Chargers (at least one per site) are to be installed at 189 dealerships, while the remaining roughly 300 will be installed at highway locations. Charging at the sites will come at a cost though.

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In the case of dealers, chargers will be equipped with energy storage systems so three charges in a row will be possible despite power supply being below charging power (of up to 350 kW at 800 V, we believe).

Cost of the chargers for the dealers will be in six digit territory. Porsche revealed that the six-stall charging station at its U.S. headquarters in Atlanta cost more than $1 million.

We assume that part of the installations will comes from post-dieselgate Volkswagen’s Electrify America project, while the network partners are ChargePoint and EVgo.

Klaus Zellmer, CEO of Porsche Cars North America said:

“If you want to buy that car, you want to know what happens if I go skiing and go further than 300 miles,” Zellmer told Automotive News. “What do I do? So we need to have answers for that.”

“We are pretty certain that it’s not free of charge. It’s too early to talk about how exactly that payment process for customers will work. There are various opportunities. You could buy a package all included for the car. It could be a membership card that you use. We’re not quite there yet.”

Electrify America fast charging station

Source: Automotive News

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This may be helpful with Tesla shutting down Model 3 production for at least a few days. This may get interesting!

Seeing as my local Porsche dealership has one Level 2 (3 kw at best) docking station for their phev products, it will be interesting to see if they do the ‘typical dealership’ route with 2- 3kw level 2’s and 2 – 350 kw ‘mission e’ fast chargers.

Next question will be for how many months they feel like paying the electricity bill?

What makes you think they will be free???

Porsche has already said they will be comparable in pricing to filling up with gas.

Never said that DJ, I fully understand that the Driver has to pay – the question is, how much does the dealership feel like subsidizing it.

If you say not at all, then it will be interesting to see the price they charge initially, and the price they finally charge, or if they will play some games to get all prices more reasonable.

Some Nissan dealerships already play games like this with their fast chargers, limiting the ‘take’ rate to 11 kw.

I would expect the price you pay is the electricity price (in the area, or a set national average) + a small kickback fee for the dealer.

At work we have two chargers (11kW) that we got “for free” when buying electric Renaults (one for each car).
Some chose to install the chargers at home insted (company car).
Those with PHEVs use block heater outlets to charge, cool, warm their cars. It is enough to get them home after work.

Customers can use the Renault chargers too, when we don’t use them (for free as a service), just like the block heater outlets.

We were contacted by a company that installs chargers too, and they installed a couple chargers (22kW at 32Amps three face) at work that we can use at reduced cost, but when we don’t use them – other people can charge there too, and we will get a 33% kickback of that profit.
Will not be rich for sure, but it keeps our cars charged, and customers may stay a bit longer.

In the states our electric utilities charge much much more for only incidental use. To get rates anywhere near reasonable, the chargers have to have heavy usage, or have a “Behind the Meter” energy storage system.

Any word on whether these will be CCS compatible?

Most likely CCS only. Another nail in Chademo’s coffin.

What else would it be? The Porsche is a CCS car.

Klaus Zellmer, CEO of Porsche Cars North America said: “So we need to have answers for that [fast charging network] … We’re not quite there yet.”

Hint: https://www.tesla.com/supercharger

YAWN why would an ICE manufacturer install EV charging network? I CALL BS ON VW

Dealership chargers aside, how does a Porsche-only network make sense? They’re not a large-volume brand.
Even if they want high-wattage chargers which other brands don’t yet have, it makes sense for Porsche to fund a few of those at each location, and give priority access to them for their cars (by pre-reserving a slot, say, which I expect will be possible in many charging networks since the satnav apps will be routing via charging locations anyway.)

You must not have read the story. Their partners are ChargePoint and EVgo.

I hope that, since they’re making the same mistake as Nissan, at least, they make the chargers available 24/7 and not just during opening hours.

“You could buy a package all included for the car.”

That’s a bad idea. People will try to use up all they can, and it’ll be just as bad as free charging. As I always say,

Free charging SUCKS!!!

KISS: bill per minute, and cutoff at 80% while stilling billing by time. That will eliminate those who sit at charger tapered to hell or gone fishing while parked at DCFC spot.

Agree, Free Charging will not work long term. Need to charge rates that can sustain the network for people that need the limited chargers.

The fly in the ointment there SparkEV is to get the dealership to agree to your plan, since they are stuck paying the bills.

So, how do you guys see this working? These are special fast chargers designed to work with fast charging of Porsches, but they will work with other cars that are CCS compatible? Will this be co-branded as Porsche and EVGo or Chargepoint? I say this because Porsche owners would want to use these when they can to utilize the fast charge rate vs other CCS chargers?

They have said that charging will not be free even for Porsche owners. I imagine that Porsche owners would get a better deal than others?

I guess what I am trying to get to is that I hope all the different Automakers are not building their own networks. That would be dumb.

Since EVgo, Chargepoint, and Electrify America are included as partners, it is likely that these Porsche “ultra fast” stations will be usable by any CCS-compatible vehicle. At least the non-Porsche dealer stations.

Also, these Porsche stations will NOT have CHAdeMO plugs, since it would be pointless for Porsche to include them, with parent VW being CCS only.

The Porsche charging network’s biggest benefactor may actually be Bolt owners! No Tesla/Leafs to worry about using these stations, and the Mission E population will be miniscule, which means Bolt owners will have a bunch more fast charging options on the highway soon! Woohoo!

This will work out just as well as the Chevy and BMW dealers across the country that were supposed to install DCFC equipment for the Bolt and the i3.

Yes, it will be interesting. Porsche Head Office, “you are required to install 2 DCFC at $500k”. Porsche Dealer, “we can’t afford that. If you pay for it we’ll let you install it”.
Dealership model needs agreement from both parties, no doubt Porsche will pressure their dealers, but ultimately I bet they also expect the dealers to fund this and dealers will not see the value in the short term.
It’ll be fun to watch how it plays out.