Panoz Green4U Unveils Pair Of Electric, 230 Mile, SIX-Door SUVs

OCT 12 2017 BY MARK KANE 18

Green4U MTU-6 six-door heavy-duty SUV

When you think Panoz, an all-electric six door beast probably doesn’t first come to mind; but that is what Don Panoz, Green4U’s chairman and co-founder has put in motion, calling on “three decades of high-level motorsports design”.

In fact, Green4U Technologies is actually presenting two six-door SUVs – the Enova and the heavier-duty MTU-6, which can reportedly go up to 230 miles (370 km) on a single charge.

Looks like the Bollinger B1 has some competition.

Green4U MTU-6 six-door heavy-duty SUV

Both offerings are targeted mainly to fleets, which requires easy access to second- and third-row seats. Sales get underway next Summer.

Easy rear-seat access six-door MTU-6 SUV on display at the AUSA Exposition in Washington D.C. Enova six-door SUV featured at the Taxicab, Limousine & Paratransit Association (TLPA) Trade Show in Denver.

Production of Green4U electric vehicles will take place in Georgia.

The company also hints that the Enova will be offered in an eight-door version (why not?), just in case six isn’t enough we suppose.

“Both vehicles will share an in-house designed modular aluminum chassis and will be produced in Georgia. This chassis design also will serve as the underpinnings for many of Green4U’s future all-electric vehicles, including an eight-door version of the Enova SUV. The company plans to begin delivering MTU-6 and Enova SUVs to customers by the second quarter of 2018.

Production launch, on-sale date, and official MTU-6 and the Enova SUV specifications and pricing will be released in the near future.”

“The MTU-6 is on display in the Green4U exhibit at the 2017 AUSA annual meeting & exposition (Hall B, Booth No. 2647) at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in the nation’s capital. The company simultaneously is displaying the Enova six-door SUV in Booths C and D at the Taxicab, Limousine & Paratransit Association (TLPA) 99th Annual Convention & Trade Show at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver. With first deliveries expected to begin by summer 2018, Green4U representatives at both shows are accepting expressions of interest.”

Green4U Enova six-door light SUV

Jack Perkowski, Green4U Technologies, Inc. CEO and co-founder said:

“Our engineers designed a lightweight and strong aluminum chassis and are optimizing electric drivetrains and systems to deliver the range and performance that fleet operators need.

We’re focusing on fleet operators because they understand how EVs can greatly lower their operating costs. A company that has fleet vehicles traveling 50,000 miles a year can save thousands of dollars through lower fuel and maintenance costs.”

In around two years, the company would like to introduce an entire lineup of electric vehicles – ranging from neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs) to SUVs and sedans, to passenger and cargo vans and also medium and large commercial vehicles.

Green4U Enova six-door light SUV

“Our three decades of high-level motorsports design, engineering, fabrication and manufacturing experience helps us to fast-track vehicle development,” said Don Panoz, Green4U’s chairman and co-founder.

“Weight greatly affects EV range, but we are experts at making things light and strong. Great examples are the aluminum chassis designs and body panels we’ve used on Panoz sports cars for the past 20 years, and the lightweight composite and metal structures created not only for racing but also for our non-racing aerospace, aviation and industrial customers.”

Green4U MTU-6 six-door heavy-duty SUV

Green4U MTU-6 six-door heavy-duty SUV

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wow, these came out of no where. Pretty cool to electrify a ultra gas guzzling vehicle category. Wonder what the efficiency rating is..

Better than a gasoline or diesel version, I’ll bet, and that’s what really matters. The first troll that tries to criticize it for not being as efficient as a Prius, I’m going to get one of these and run them over.

Well, run that in your safari hunting trip then. Just be prepared to be devoured by an attacking lion.

I saw this story somewhere else and it included a mention that the bodies are coming from a Chinese car maker (article didn’t say which one), frame and propulsion being done by Panoz/Green4U. The Enova looks a bit like a stretched Mitsubishi/Suzuki SUV clone.

It’s Beijing Auto, actually…the black one is based on the BJ2036CJT1 while the white one is based on the Luba

I wonder if it’s six door to fit the monstrous battery pack under the floor.

I’d like to see the specs on the MTU-6, but honestly an MTU-4 could be a big hit in NA

With the demise of the Land Rover Defender, there is definitely a wide open gap left to replace vehicles like the 6-door Defender 130:

If they can make an EV work, all the better that the replacement be green.

Why do I need 6 doors? Bollinger makes more sense unless you are operating a safari park.


Green4U sounds like screen name for a chat room, not a reputable auto company.

There is a huge market for an all electric utility vehicle of this type. I think whoever gets there first will have the advantage.

I’m a big fan of the Bolinger B1, but they have done little to build on the buzz they have created. Doubtful they will make it to production.

Like Tesla they plan on operating in many markets. Green4U EV SUVs, Green4U smoothies, Green4U dietary supplements and of course Green4U detergents.

Tony, this is Jeff from Bollinger Motors. We only just revealed the B1 in July. production isn’t slated til 2019 and we’re working as fast as we can. Give us a bit of a chance 😉

Hey, look, it’s another high school science project that will never see the light of day.

It’s almost becoming laughable how many unknown companies that are rolling out their one single hand-built never-to-be-produced vehicles.

Let’s see…
Mille Miglia
Sono Sion
Lynk & Co
Electra Meccanica

Nevermind the countless concepts from the the recognizable manufacturers..

Skoda’s unknown? They make 1+ million cars/year.

“…which can reportedly go up to 230 miles (370 km) on a single charge.” is this based on US EPA standards or the bogus European and Japanese or Chinese MPG standards??

And the Cd is??

…probably like .185 – just under the VW XL1, (=

Great Idea, but the issue I see is range. Out in the bush, Outback, or even Wyoming you’ll be lucky to find a charging station for 100″s of miles.

Maybe these could be used for jeep tours around Sedona or Uluru?

Too me it looks like extended chassis Jeep Wrangler with some body changes (grill, headlights and taillights) with most likely Tesla 90W drivetrain?