Opel/Vauxhall Teases All-New Corsa: EV Version Coming

FEB 11 2019 BY MARK KANE 11

Opel: New Corsa will be real people‘s electric car

Opel and its British subsidiary Vauxhall (all part of the PSA Group) released today a teaser image of the all-new Corsa subcompact, which in Europe has been available since 1982. So far, more than 13.5 million Corsa were sold.

Soon, Opel will introduce the 6th generation of the model (4th generation in the case of Vauxhall), which will be available for the very first time in an all-electric version.

The teaser present IntelliLux LED matrix headlights (more on that in the press release below).

Opel said that by 2024 all offered passenger models will have some kind of an electrified version. The first four new plug-ins (under PSA Group ownership) are to be introduced by 2020.

By the first half of this year, Opel will open the order books for the electric Corsa and Grandland X PHEV. The German manufacturer said that the pricing will be competitive.

“Opel will already open the order books for two new electrified models in the first half of 2019 – for the battery electric version of the next Corsa, and for the Grandland X SUV as plug-in hybrid electric vehicle. “Opel is going electric!” said Opel CEO, Michael Lohscheller. “That is what we announced at the presentation of our PACE! strategic plan in November 2017, and now we are delivering.”

The Corsa in particular will give Opel additional impetus this year. The bestseller, the first generation of which made its world premiere 37 years ago, will be available for the first time with a purely electric variant. Lohscheller promises that the pricing will be competitive: “With the new Corsa we will make electric mobility accessible to many customers – it will be a real electric car for the people.””

More about the 6th generation Corsa:

“Opel will this year launch the sixth generation of the Corsa. Starting with the first model in 1982, the Corsa has now recorded sales of more than 13.5 million units. The next generation will bring a revolution in lighting to small cars: the multiple award-winning IntelliLux LED® matrix lighting technology. The newly developed Corsa will feature for the first time the adaptive, glare-free full-LED headlight system that has impressed experts and customers since its introduction on the current Opel Astra (European Car Of The Year 2016). Following their arrival in the compact class, matrix headlights (which are usually found only on expensive premium cars) will therefore appear for the first time in the very popular mainstream B market segment – the biggest in Europe. Another demonstration of the democratisation of technology from Opel – the exciting, approachable, German brand.

“We are celebrating 120 years of automobile production this year and therefore 120 years full of innovations for everyone”, said Opel CEO, Michael Lohscheller. “We have always made top technologies accessible to all. That is our mission and our motivation and it applies especially to a model that is as popular as the Opel Corsa. We will therefore equip the next generation of our bestseller with the best lighting technology – IntelliLux LED® matrix headlights.”

Customers and experts are already enthusiastic about the IntelliLux LED® matrix lighting technology in the Opel Insignia flagship and Astra compact cars: in Europe, 20 per cent of Astra drivers and 60 per cent of Insignia customers order this innovative system. Around 90,000 new Opel cars equipped with matrix technology thus enter the European market per year. The glare-free matrix headlights automatically and continuously adapt to the prevailing traffic situation and surroundings. Approaching traffic and preceding vehicles are simply “cut out” of the illuminated area. Glare is minimised and drivers enjoy optimum visibility – as will soon be the case with the new-generation Opel Corsa.”

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> Opel/Vauxhall Teases All-New Corsa: EV Version Coming

Joe: Are you going to buy one?
Bob: Well of Corsa am.

You made me laugh so much😍 Hahahaha

I drive as the “third car” in my family a 2004 Opel Corsa. Sadly a diesel one, I feel guilty every time I have to use it 😣
So I’m very tempted in buying the EV one. With a base price around € 26.000 I could get it for € 20.000 thanks to subsidies.

Another interesting thing: powertrain could be identical to the already revealed DS 3 Crossback E-Tense, so 50 kWh battery and 100 kW CCS capability. If these specs are confirmed… wow. Better range than a Zoe and better charging than a Kona!

Yeah but PSA…. I mean they got beautiful products, Im just not quite convinced on their reliability.

They use some units of Peugeot 208 in the driving school I attended two years ago, it was a nice little car, I always read positive reviews about it and I can confirm them. Don’t know about other PSA cars though.

Well, I have been thinking about Peugeot 5008 to replace my Toyota Avensis (My family is growing and we really need larger car, 3 kids). Anyway I was searching for information on the 5008 and its sister model 3008, it turns out that the 180hp engine made by BMW has huge problems and often have to be replaced entirely under 100 000km (60k miles). Theres also a design flaw in the air intake and that results in engine shutdown in the colder climates, various electric malfunctions, ranging from tailgates to bugging screens. Flapping hood in 100km/h speeds etc. The list of problems with the 5008 and 3008 seems endless. Same problems are found more or less in Citroen C4 Grand Picasso and Opel Grandland X So the old saying about French cars looks to be alive and well. But design wise they are beautiful and often times when you start looking for trouble, you will find it. This take was from Finnish car forums and the take was quite extensive as there was almost 6% of the entire registered 5008 and 3008s. Some sold their cars in matter of weeks to few months, others are still loving their cars, the… Read more »

This depends quite a bit on the specific engine. I have the 1.6l 165HP turbocharged petrol engine on a C4 Picasso, an older 2014 design but pretty efficient for the size of car (motorway 15km/liter), which has a good reputation.
The touchscreen interface is however really badly designed by every possible criterion, and has bugs aside from that.

It’s definitely going to have the DS3 Crossback e-Tense drivetrain (as will the electric 208, so I’d be very surprised if the charging capabilities are different). Since that will supposedly be launched this year (and has already been shown), it will make for a good competitor to the Zoé.

Doesn’t sound like they have a dedicated EV platform. That probably means it might be competitive with the ZOE (only EV available in this segment so far AFAIK?), but not with next-gen EVs built on dedicated platforms, like VW’s MEB (though their B-segment model is only rumoured for 2022), or presumably a next-gen ZOE on a new platform. (Which also won’t be available before 2021 at least AIUI?)

PSA will use the e-CMP as a variant of the already existing CMP platform, which will allow them to offer many models across their brands in a EV version. Those already confirmed are: Opel/Vauxhall Corsa, Mokka X and Vivaro, Peugeot 208 and 2008, DS 3 Crossback E-Tense. Some announcement for Citroen will be made soon.

As for the Renault Zoe, the new one will be unveiled this year and should immediately be available as they only switch production from the old to the new one. So many interesting EVs coming to Europe! 😛

There is a lot of talk about headlights. I really hope they put some money into designing the seats. Last Corsa I had was a 2015 latest shape, the seats were so bad I happily lost money on it to get rid. Awful seats. Hopefully it will be a total refresh.

Even small cars are getting better headlights than Tesla now.
Many probably don’t care, but it is great tech and i sure hope my next car will have it.