In October 2018 BMW Sold Over 13,000 Plug-In Cars

NOV 15 2018 BY MARK KANE 6

Every 15th BMW/MINI sold in October was a plug-in.

In October, BMW Group sold 13,016 plug-in electric BMW and MINI cars, which translates to a growth of 38.4% compared to 2017.

The plug-in cars account for about 6.5% of the total volume for the group last month and over 5.4% YTD. After ten months of 2018, deliveries amounted to 110,560 (up 41.6%).

BMW Group notes several encouraging results in October:

  • 18.4% of BMW 5 Series sedan sales was the plug-in hybrid variant
  • 23.1% of BMW 2 Series Active Tourer sales was the plug-in hybrid variant
  • BMW i3 sales increased by 10.8% to 3,158

Targets for the future are:

  • 140,000 sales in 2018
  • over 500,000 cumulative sales by 2020
  • 25 electrified models (including 12 BEVs) on the market by 2025

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BMW, you built some of the best engines of all times. Now don‘t lower yourself for unworthy FWD combustion PHEV vehicles.
Give us some serious BEVs with BMW driving dynamics and some steering feel. We gonna love them.

Yeah, I don’t think BMW execs read this blog. They do read sales reports however and the October US sales report says that Tesla sold 17,000 model 3s vs 3,445 3-Series. Now that’s the sort of numbers BMW will pay attention to.

Well, at least one would think but so far not a hint of a BMW Model 3 fighter so it looks like Tesla completely blindsided BMW.

They have been hinting at i4 coming in 2021 as Model 3 fighter…

I know, but at this point it’s just an odd looking concept car. Looks like Tesla won’t have to worry about any BMW Model 3 fighters for years to come.

Yup..everyone’s EV development stopped when Tesla came to market…people are so addicted to the kool-aid.

From its level of preparedness I would say it’s actually BMW that drank the Kool-aid when everybody said Tesla would go out of business pretty soon and there was nothing to worry about.