YouTube channel Wham Baam Teslacam is well known for posting some of the craziest occurrences of road rage captured by Teslacams, but their latest video may take the cake. New Zealand-based Model X owner Geoff Gardiner was driving home from work when he overtook an old Mitsubishi Galant. For no logical reason, the Galant owner then started chasing after Geoff – with the latter speculating the Galant owner was under the influence and somehow thought Geoff’s overtake was offensive.

The Galant owner started tailgating Geoff and then pulled up in front of him and opened his door. Geoff quickly took off, however he soon got stuck in traffic and the Mitsubishi driver pulled in front of Geoff again, blocking both lanes. Geoff still managed to get away but was then rammed by the Galant. The Model X was sideswiped and then blocked. Both vehicles were immobilized.

The Gallant driver then got out and started threatening Geoff and hitting his car. He then stopped another vehicle as he felt the driver could act as a witness and testify that Geoff had hit him and that the incident was his fault. Geoff remained in his Model X and called the police, who talked to the witness who told them to put handcuffs on the Gallant owner. Geoff then gave the police the full Teslacam footage. This was used as evidence which led to an open-and-shut court case. Geoff’s Model X had received around $45,000 worth of damage, which was all covered by insurance. That said, it took over 3 months for his Model X to be repaired by Tesla.

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