Last week, we brought you Shmee’s first contact with the Tesla Model S Plaid and got to witness his enthusiastic reactions to it.

The English vlogger even went on to break his personal quarter-mile record in the Plaid, and he did so at the first attempt. Now, we get to see more of what happened that day courtesy of another video, this time from DragTimes.

For starters, we find out how much quicker the Model S Plaid is in the standing quarter-mile than Shmee’s stock Shelby Mustang GT500. There was no discussion about which car would win, given that the Tesla is a 1,020-hp AWD electric sedan with instant peak torque delivery, while the Ford is a 760-hp RWD muscle car with a big supercharged V8 lump that needs to be revved hard.

During both runs, the Model S Plaid gave the Shelby Mustang a head start, but even so, winning the duel was a walk in the park for the EV. The Tesla’s best result was 9.30 seconds at 150.56 mph, while the Ford's best effort was 10.89 seconds at 130.44 mph.

With that settled, things became much more serious as a 1,200-hp (1,024 hp at the wheels) Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 from Palm Beach Dyno turned up at the drag strip. Obviously, it was there to challenge the Tesla, which it did.

Mind you, the Model S Plaid had 67% state of charge before the first race, so did it manage to get an edge over its much louder competitor? Hitting play on the video above is the only way to find out, but until you do, we’ll tell you that the souped-up GT500 was a worthy adversary for the Plaid.

The muscle car ended the two drag races with very similar trap speeds to the Tesla, but the way it got off the line obviously could not compare.


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