Tesla Model S buyers report that deliveries of their cars were put on hold nationwide by the manufacturer for over a week (soon two weeks). Multiple cars were stopped at delivery centers, just ahead of the delivery date.

Tesla did not reveal the reason behind the move, besides only a message that the cars (both, Long Range and Plaid) need to undergo an updated inspection process, which suggests some additional checks.


It's too early to link the delivery hold to one mystery fire case reported about a few weeks ago, or one report of a broken down car that required battery pack replacement.

The cause of putting a brand new product on hold might be serious, so we are eagerly waiting for news.

Let's recall that the new Model S has completely new battery modules, battery pack, and tri-motor powertrain (Plaid), new software and tons of other new components, not used previously (even a lithium-ion 12V battery). Anything might cause a safety concern and require a double check.


The refreshed Model S was expected on the market in early 2021, but was delayed to June 2021. With the latest issue, the market launch is becoming even more complicated. It's actually surprisingly complicated for a refresh of an existing product, but frankly, it was a deep one.

In the worst-case scenario, Tesla will have to redesign something in the car (hardware cause), and eventually recall the initial batch of delivered cars. However, even then, the number of cars would be probably four digits.

Hopefully, the reason is not related to EV-stuff (batteries, motors, power electronics) as those are usually the most costly recalls (compared to fixing some bolts, brakes or other general mechanical things).

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