Just a few days left until the customer deliveries of the new, heavily refreshed Tesla Model S will start on June 10, but we don't know how many cars Tesla will hand over.

One thing that we know for sure is that the company has already produced a substantial number of cars during the second quarter of this year.

The latest Tesla Fremont Flyover video in a temporary parking lot on June 6, 2021 reveals hundreds of Tesla Model S in all five colors. They are a little bit dirty, which indicates that they spent weeks there since leaving the factory.

According to the description, all cars seem to be fitted with a yoke steering and most of them are not the three-motor Plaid, which will enter the market first. So they must be mostly the dual-motor Long Range version.

- Ride around the new temp lot in Fremont
- All cars seem to be fitted with yoke steering
- Most cars are NOT badged as plaid - assuming LR
- Wondering if this lot is always used for some purpose. Will visit frequently.

It's interesting that so many cars at the temporary location (and also at the factory) await their fate.

Tesla probably is forced to wait for parts or the final software we guess, as there must be a reason behind the delay of several months. Maybe it's related to the semiconductor shortage and the necessity to switch to a new solution, possibly from another supplier.

Anyway, the Tesla Model S Plaid is basically ready and the Tesla Model S Long Range will follow (probably within weeks).

It will be very interesting whether the sales will exceed four digits this quarter. Ultimately, Tesla is expected to ramp up production and sales to 1,000 a week or so.

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