Xpeng noted another 5,000+ electric car sales in a single month, quickly expanding its volume year-over-year.

Last month, the company delivered 5,147 EVs (up 285% year-over-year). Most of the growth comes from the addition of the second model - P7, which joined the G3 in June 2020.

Xpeng offers two models, the P7 and G3:

  • Xpeng P7: 2,995 (new)
  • Xpeng G3: 2,152 (up 61% year-over-year)
  • Total: 5,147 (up 285% year-over-year)

Xpeng sales in China – April 2021


So far this year, sales reached 18,487 (up 413% year-over-year) and the perspectives are good, as on top of the P7 Wing edition and the lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery-powered G3 in April, this month Xpeng will launch also the LFP version of the P7.

Xpeng offers two models, the P7 and G3:

  • Xpeng P7: 10,969
  • Xpeng G3: 7,518
  • Total: 18,487 (up 413% year-over-year)

In the longer term, the all-new P5 will further strengthen the lineup and probably allow to significantly increase the volume.

The Xpeng P5 will be launched in the third quarter, while deliveries will start in the fourth quarter of 2021.

"XPeng’s third production vehicle, the LiDAR-equipped P5 sedan, was unveiled in April and has received robust feedback for its market leading and user-centric features. The Company plans to launch the sales of P5 in the third quarter with deliveries in the fourth quarter 2021."

An interesting thing is the plan to build a new manufacturing plant in Wuhan with an expected annual capacity of 100,000 units:

"As part of its long-term strategic roadmap to embrace the auto sector’s transformation, the Company entered into a cooperation agreement in April with the City of Wuhan to build a new XPeng Motors Wuhan Smart EV Manufacturing Base in Wuhan with expected annual capacity of 100,000 units."

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