If you pre-ordered the either of the two Tesla Cybertruck RC models from Hot Wheels well over a year ago, you were supposed to receive it in December of 2020. That date got pushed back to May 2021, but it looks like the smaller of the two Cybertruck models has already started reaching customers.


According to @tesla_master, who pre-odered the smaller 1:64 scale Cybertruck, he has already received his. He posted several photos on his Twitter account showing the mini-truck, but from the slew of comments it garnered, none of the people who replied (some of whom had also pre-ordered one of the two models from Mattel) said they had received theirs.

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So the fact that @tesla_master got his is clear indication that they’ve began shipping the 1:64 scale model, but we still have no word on the larger 1:10 scale model, the cooler and more detailed of the two. If you’ve pre-ordered any of the two trucks, let us know in the comments below if you’ve received yours or if you got any confirmation that they started shipping them from Mattel.

As a reminder, the Cybertruck RC models were announced almost exactly one year ago and they were expected to ship in time for Christmas, 2020. However, that deadline to begin shipping was missed and up until now, we really had no idea when Mattel would finally start sending them to the people who kept their orders.

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