The Model S may not be the most agile car Tesla makes (that distinction goes to the lighter, more nimble Model 3), that doesn’t mean the large sedan can’t hold its own in an emergency avoidance maneuver situation. In this video, a Model S driver performs a real life moose test, when he spots an actual moose crossing a snowy, icy road in Sweden.

The driver was cautiously guiding the car around the narrow country road when all of a sudden a moose casually walked across the road, right into the path of the oncoming Tesla. However, thanks to grippy winter tires that did their job, as well as the car’s electronic stability program, the avoidance maneuver was far less dramatic than it would have been without them.

Sure, a lot of credit has to go towards the driver whose reflexes ultimately saved the day (and avoided a trip to a garage, because the car suffered no damage). The car did alert the driver that there was an obstacle up ahead and this definitely helped a lot given the fact that this occurred at night when visibility is not ideal.

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