Mosgortrans announced in October (but we figured out just recently) that it put into service its 500th electric bus in Moscow. They were used on 38 EV lines (probably more now), equipped with 100 charging stations.

It's quite surprising that the capital of Russia already has so many electric buses. The company even compared the number with other capitals: London - 300, Paris - 259, Berlin 200 and Amsterdam 164 at the time.

It's not much compared to Moscow's grand plan. Mosgortrans initially ordered 200 buses (100 from Kamaz and 100 from GAZ Group) in 2018, and then an additional 100 from Kamaz in 2019. It was followed by an order for another 300 units, which will be deployed by the end of 2020 (total of 600).

From next year, electrification will accelerate even further, as the next stage is 400 units in 2021 (total of 1,000) and 1,300 units in 2022-2023 (for a total of 2,300)! Those are numbers that we usually see only in some Chinese cities.

Electric buss in Moscow
Electric bus in Moscow

The 500th bus happened to be a KAMAZ 6282, equipped with lithium-titanate batteries. This special type of lithium-ion batteries is well known for its ultra-fast charging capabilities (in minutes) and a wide range of operating temperatures.

The energy density of those batteries is low, so is the range of only 70 km (43.5 miles), but since the buses can recharge in 6-12 minutes on the route (using roof charging system), it does not matter. They can remain operational the entire day.

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