With the historic SpaceX launch just days behind us, many Tesla fans are excited. This is because if you're a Tesla fan or owner, and you follow CEO Elon Musk, you're almost certainly well aware of his other pursuits. Arguably the most successful of which is SpaceX.

When the Tesla Cybertruck was first revealed, it shocked most of us. Sure, it doesn't look anything like the Mars Rover, though it could certainly secure a spot on another planet. Much like the most recent Tesla electric pickup truck spec ad we shared, this one links the Cybertruck with space.

Clearly there's not going to be a Cybertruck on Mars any time soon. Will there ever be a Tesla in space, aside from Musk's Roadster? Probably not in the very near future, but who knows. We've certainly seen some crazy things.

At any rate, enjoy the ad, give Holmes Draws some Kudos for the work, and leave us a comment below.

Video Description via Holmes Draws on YouTube:

BEYOND - featuring the TESLA CYBERTRUCK (Unofficial)

What a project this has been. From creating everything (except the astronaut) from scratch on blender was an amazing experience. But along the way, I hit innumerable frustrating roadblocks, but that challenge of problem-solving was insightful too.

There are a lot of things that I would’ve improved, but there are some things (like displacing and micro texturing the ground) that my laptop couldn’t handle. Plus, you’ve got to stop at some point. But anyway, I hope you enjoy watching!

Music - https://youtu.be/zL9mK_kr7-A

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