Is it true that Tesla vehicles don't have endurance?

Brian Jenkins (i1Tesla) is back at the Out of Spec Motoring / InsideEVs track with our good friend and colleague Kyle Conner. This time, he's got his Tesla Model X. It's time to test out the all-electric crossover's newly updated 'Cheetah Stance' launch mode. However, this isn't just your typical track run.

Jenkins says he remembers that when the Porsche Taycan came to market, Porsche and some of its fans said it was better than Tesla vehicles since it had endurance. Essentially, the story was that Tesla's vehicle may be quick off the line, but they don't have staying power. It was proven that the Taycan could launch over and over without fail. So, Jenkins decides to see how his 2019 Model X Performance Raven handles such torture.

Just recently, Tesla launched an over-the-air software update that's referred to as 'Cheetah Stance' mode. It simply lowers the front of the car prior to launching. The Model X also recently got a horsepower bump. How many times can you launch it before it checks out?

As it turns out, if you care about the health of your car (and yourself), you may actually stop repeatedly launching it before it gives up. Jenkins performs 10 launches. The Model X doesn't appear to need a rest, but he calls it quits for the vehicle's sake. Check out the video for all the details.

Video Description via i1Tesla on YouTube:

Tesla Torture Test - TEN 1/4 Cheetah Run Model X

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