Fastned recently opened its first fast charging station in Amsterdam, the capital of its home market, the Netherlands.

It is not accidental that there were no Fastned stations within the border of the city earlier, as the main focus was (and still is) to cover strategic locations along the highways.

The new station actually also is located at the A2/A9 junction. It's equipped with six 300 kW CCS Combo stalls and two 50 kW CHAdeMO. According to the company, thanks to the scalable design, more fast chargers might be added in the future, but even today it allows charging hundreds EVs per day.

Interestingly, this time Fastned did not install the solar canopy over chargers, so we guess that maybe the layout did not allow for it.

Michiel Langezaal, CEO Fastned said:

“I am very happy with this new station in Amsterdam, a city that is leading the way with electric mobility and has the ambition to have only electric cars in the city from 2030 onwards. The station is located on the busy traffic arteries A2 and A9 and during a short charging stop there is also plenty of choice in terms of food and drinks. By building stations in the city, we give electric drivers even more freedom. This way we are making it easier for people to switch to an electric car.”

As the coronavirus outbreak significantly affected entire Europe, Fastned noted a big drop in charging sessions and expects that new installations/upgrades of the existing stations will be delayed this year.


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