According to the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA), electrification of buses in Europe progresses at a very high speed.

In Europe, the bus category includes vehicles with gross weight above 3.5 tonnes.

Data are for the European Union plus EFTA (a few countries were not included).

In 2019, some 1,774 new electric buses were registered in Europe, which is 184% more than in 2018 (624)! That is about 4.1% of the entire bus market and it's accelerating.

For comparison, conventional hybrids noted 2,021 new registrations (up 63%) and 4.7% market share. Taking into consideration the difference in the expansion rate, BEVs should exceed HEVs about now, in 2020.

New bus registrations by fuel type: in the EU+EFTA


The detailed numbers reveal that the Netherlands is the undisputed market leader, not only by the volume but by the market share of 40.7%! This seems to be the most advanced market in terms of bus electrification.

  • Netherlands: 381 (up 270%) at 40.7% market share
  • France: 285 (up 200%) at 4.2% market share
  • Germany: 187 (up 335%) at 2.9% market share
  • Norway: 157 (up 1,208%) at 6.8% market share
  • UK: 124 (up 36%) at 1.9% market share
  • Spain: 103 (up 243%) at 3.2% market share
  • Denmark: 100 (up 4,900%) at 18.5% market share
  • other: 437
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