This Tesla-centric YouTuber, Tesla Racing Channel, tested out the new Cheetah stance Launch Mode feature that was added to the Model S Raven (and Model X) via a recent over the air update. Based on his experience, the update does make launching the car easier and quicker, but it could still be improved.

He points out that whereas before you had to keep the brake pedal down all the way and pump the throttle pedal in order to enable Launch Mode, now it’s considerably easier to enable. However, he still isn’t happy with the delay - it still doesn’t instantly enable when you want it to and in some situations when you are not prepared, this might be cause for frustration.

The cause for this might be simply the fact that the front air suspension hasn’t reached its lower setting yet. The car is most likely waiting for it to complete before it announces Launch Mode is ready.

After doing several acceleration runs, he concludes that even with the latest update, his particular Tesla is only as fast as it was when it was newer. He says can’t quite explain the results, but since he used a Dragy box to measure how the car accelerated before and in the video, the numbers speak for themselves.

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