The latest Tesla over the air update has changed the way you can launch the car; it’s not only easier to perform, but it’s also more effective (i.e. faster). It really makes all Raven Performance Teslas noticeably faster off the line.

Based on what is shown in this video by DragTimes, the front end of the car really does hunker down (entering the ‘Cheetah stance’), but the car (a Model S Performance) also makes more peak power - up to 614 kW versus 580 kW before the update (that’s a difference of 34 kW which equates to 45 horsepower).

With these two changes, the car’s best naught to sixty sprint time is 2.41 seconds and it completes the quarter-mile in 10.54 seconds at 127.5 mph (205.2 km/h). This is marginally faster than it was prior to the update - a sprint time to sixty of 2.47 seconds and a quarter mile time of 10.67 seconds at 124.7 mph (200.7 km/h).

Do not that for these acceleration run, the car was fully charged and the test runs were performed on public roads with no special preparation. We do not condone attempting this anywhere outside a racing track or drag strip.

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