A Tesla Model S crashed into a huge 50-ton semi-truck that was full of explosive material at the time. Miraculously, nobody was injured. The Tesla is totaled, but the occupants are fine. This again proves just how safe Teslas truly are. See the video and images of the wreckage here.

In the video, the big truck is stopped on the side of the roadway waiting for a tow. Police had already been on the scene. The Tesla Model S had failed to stop due to icy road conditions and that's the main reason why it hit the truck.

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It's truly surprising that the Model S was able to protect any and all occupants in this sort of crash. Especially considering the weight of the truck and the fact that where the Model S impacted the truck, there's no sort of bumper or crumple zone. Basically, the Model S took the full brunt of the impact, yet somehow nobody was injured.

Have a look at the video footage above and check out the images too. Then, let us know in comments your thoughts on the safety of the Model S.

Video description via Magnus Ljungwald on YouTube:

A bit of a drama this week. A Tesla Model S crashed into the side of my truck when he came from a sideway and couldn't get it to stop on the ice. Luckily no one got hurt! But if he had been 1 second earlier I would have crashed right into the driver side on him with the 50-ton truck.

This is while waiting on the tow truck and Police had been on the scene.

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