Cracked open, what's revealed?

Our friends over at What's Inside? take us on a trip to see the inner workings of a Tesla Model S motor. This is electric dissection at its finest.

Electric cars are vastly different from gas vehicles. One of the most notable differences lies in the motor. A gasoline car makes use of an engine with all sorts of moving parts that are vulnerable to wear and destruction.

On the flip side is the electric motor. It's amazingly simply, yet very technologically advanced in electric car form. This, in essence, is the same electric motor that powers all sorts of everyday objects, but when it's fitted to an electric car, there are a whole lot of developmental changes compared to say the motor within a vacuum.

The motor dissection featured in this video is of a 2012 Tesla Model S rear unit. It's interesting to see all the circuitry within, as well as watching how hard disassembly is. grab a look at the video above to see the guts of a Tesla motor.

Video description via What's Inside? on YouTube:

We took apart a REAL Tesla Model S Motor! Thanks to our sponsor UBTECH for making this possible!

This is the same rear motor that is in the Model S and X. Tesla learned from the original Roadster, made this motor, then came out with the new Model 3 and Y motor.

Even from 2012, the inside of this is super-advanced technology.

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